Golos demands to cancel municipal elections in St. Petersburg

Golos demands to cancel municipal elections in St. Petersburg

Fake queues of students did not allow candidates to apply for registration.

The Golos Movement appealed to the CEC and the St. Petersburg Election Commission with a request to cancel and transfer elections to 32 of the 109 municipalities of the city due to multiple irregularities in the registration of candidates. They were faced with all sorts of obstacles; the Navalny's headquarters in St. Petersburg recorded them.

Students could get from 500 to 1500 rubles a day at the doors of the offices of individual election commissions. Thus, a queue was artificially created, because of which real independent candidates could not register. One of the members of Navalny’s headquarters, Denis Kabakov, and the candidate for the Ligovka-Yamskaya district, Viktor Arkhipov, checked information about fake queues by responding to the relevant announcement and recording the conversation with the employer.

There were cases of attacks on candidates, an arbitrary reduction of the working day of the election commission, a two-hour lunch when it was necessary to accept independent candidates. In total, Golos collected 434 complaints and sent an appeal to the Ombudsman for human rights in St. Petersburg to monitor the situation with violations of the electoral rights of citizens.

The CEC checked 60 of the 109 election commissions of municipalities and revealed no irregularities. The Investigation Committee has no reports of crimes during the elections; criminal cases were not initiated, Fontanka writes.

At the same time, interim Governor Alexander Beglov praised law enforcement agencies and the city election commission for operational work and response to reports of violations. At the same time, Beglov complained about the independence of the municipal election commissions and called for reform of the system.

St. Petersburg has already finished registering candidates for the Governor. Twenty-eight candidates, of whom only four were approved for the election, filed the documents. Elections are held on September 8. On the same day, residents of the northern capital will have to elect 1550 deputies to 110 municipal councils.



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