Golikova: “We are catastrophically losing the population of the country”

Golikova: “We are catastrophically losing the population of the country”

Vice Prime Minister accused the regions of faking death rates.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova called the reduction of the population in Russia catastrophic and accused the statistics bodies of faking death rates indicators to improve regional ratings. Golikova identified two key goals for the nation – “natural population growth and life expectancy,” TASS reports. 

“We are catastrophically losing the population of the country. For four months, the natural decline in our population was about 149,000 people. This means that the birth rate is falling and the mortality rate is decreasing slower as we would want it to,” Golikova said at a meeting with members of the scientific and educational medical cluster of the Northwestern Federal District Zapadny

According to the Vice-Premier, “in the pursuit of quality indicators, many regions of the country showed the best statistics,” understating the results of deaths from cardiovascular diseases and cancer, as well as in road accidents. At the same time, the mortality rate for other diseases, including the non-lethal ones, grew according to papers. After the criticism of the Ministry of Health, the indicators for the above-mentioned groups immediately began to grow, Golikova said. Only in the Voronezh Region, the death rate from cancer has increased in the first four months of 2019 by 20%, and in the Ivanovo Region – by 35.9%.



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