Golikova: “Mortality has increased in 32 regions of the country”

Golikova: “Mortality has increased in 32 regions of the country”
Tatyana Golikova

Russians will be forced to eat well, the Deputy Prime Minister assured.

Over the past year, mortality has increased in 32 regions of Russia. To change the situation, the State Duma will introduce a bill on proper nutrition in the spring, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova told.

“To ensure the rapid increase in life expectancy, we need to achieve a reduction in mortality rates. However, in 2018, the death rate increased in 32 regions of the country,” the Vice-Premier said during the government hour in the State Duma.

Total population decreased by 99.7 thousand people, said Golikova. In rural areas, mortality is 14% higher than in urban areas. At the same time, the women began to give birth in 25–34 years, about 750 thousand abortions are performed annually, and only 20% of them - for medical reasons.

A bill has been developed to promote healthy nutrition and lifestyle to increase the population and life expectancy. In 2019, ten subjects will test a new model of “public health” - a set of measures aimed at “population-based prevention of health risks”, including “public awareness campaigns for medical and professional examinations”.

In addition, 350 maieutic centers in 60 subjects will be built, in 2020, 1200 emergency points will be replaced.

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