"Get your brows and nails done here!". "Russia’s prettiest deputy" files a claim about a meme with his pic 

"Get your brows and nails done here!". "Russia’s prettiest deputy" files a claim about a meme with his pic
Pavel Valenchuk Photo: Social media

A Vkontakte page may be punished for "Insulting a representative of the authorities" and "Slander."

United Russia’s deputy of the Kirov City Duma, Pavel Valenchuk, didn’t like the meme, so he wrote a police statement against the VK public that had posted it. Earlier, a number of public pages on social media had featured a post with a photo of the deputy and a caption that suggested that he was too “pretty”. For instance, mush edited photos of Valenchuk taken from his personal page with a caption that read, “Get your brows and nails done here!" were published by the popular page Borsch. A Kirov resident made a similar post in his Instagram stories later.


According to Baza, the 23-year-old people's representative demanded that the administrators be held accountable under articles on “Insulting a representative of the authorities” and “Slander”.

As the deputy’s personal assistant Yakov Orlov told Life, law enforcement officers have started working on the case. He believes that "you can’t just throw insulting news into information flows." The assistant added that Valenchuk does "a lot for the people, for example, he receives them, advises them; he keeps furthering his sports career and has many awards."

“We have a lot of employees and Pavel Olegovich does not always update his profiles himself. Sometimes, it’s people’s job to edit his photos, make them look more attractive, so you can’t judge a person by their photographs!” noted Valenchuk’s assistant.

The deputy himself said that it was impossible to write about strangers “in public”.

Borsch apologized to the deputy, although in a peculiar way, writing that their information was inaccurate, because “you can’t actually get your brows and nails done there”.

Meanwhile, social media have reacted by generating new memes about the deputy.


Pavel Valenchuk, the son of the State Duma deputy of the Kirov region, Oleg Valenchuk, has been a deputy of the Kirov Duma for a year. In addition to parliamentary activities, he holds the post of deputy chairman of the Union of Gardeners of Russia and director of the strategic development of Sputnik LLC.

The local MIA refused to disclose the details of the case to a Runa reporter, saying that they could not do that without the consent of the person who had filed the claim.



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