General Zolotov’s garbage kickbacks, partner government contracts and bitcoins 

General Zolotov’s garbage kickbacks, partner government contracts and bitcoins

National Guard head Viktor Zolotov actively lobbies family interests in the business field. Recently, his son-in-law Yury Chechikhin has become co-owner of Bolshaya Troyka LLC, which popped in rollback with Rosprirodnadzor. Business partners of Roman Zolotov’s son receive multi-million state contracts without participating in any tenders, and the very department headed by Viktor Zolotov was involved in frauds with the acquisition of computer equipment. Against this background, 19-year-old grandson of Zolotov, Artyom Chechikhin, is engaged in bitcoin fraud. The CrimeRussia found out the business schemes of the Zolotov-Chechikhin family.

Keep track of waste after rollbacks

Thus, 42-year-old son-in-law of National Guard Head Viktor Zolotov, Yury Chechikhin, became co-owner of Bolshaya Troyka LLC, where he got 25% blocking interest. Two other co-owners of Bolshaya Troyka are the company's General Director Artyom Sedov and its Technical Director Mikhail Favorov, who own 37.5% of the shares.

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The National Guard head’s son-in-law, Yury Chechikhin

It is known that this company is engaged in software development and electronics production; it also creates electronic models of waste management schemes, while being the largest supplier of software solutions for tracking the movement of garbage in Russia. Bolshaya Troyka LLC has been operating since February 2013; the company is registered on the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

ООО Большая троика.png

According to Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, Bolshaya Troyka LLC has a high rating

Bolshaya Troyka LLC is an active participant in public procurement. Since 2013, the company entered into state contracts in the amount of 941 million rubles ($14.68 million). More than half of this amount (566 million rubles, or $8.83 million) accounts for the contract concluded in August this year with the Federal Center for the Analysis and Assessment of Technogenic Impact, according to which Bolshaya Troyka will have to modernize the Unified State Information System for Waste Accounting by December 31, 2021.

закупка Росприроднадзор.png

Information on the tender that started on June 25, 2019

In other words, Rosprirodnadzor, represented by Head of the Service Svetlana Radionova, paid 566 million rubles for the development of the program, which should count all Russian garbage. According to experts, this amount is three times higher than the real cost of the project. It should be stressed that the Service was offered other technical solutions for much less money, but the choice of Svetlana Radionova fell exclusively on Bolshaya Troyka.

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Head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage (Rosprirodnadzor) Svetlana Rodionova

Immediately after the contract was signed in August of this year, a corruption scandal broke around Radionova. The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation initiated a tender check, suspecting the official of receiving a major rollback.


Unscheduled inspection notice

The fact of the use of official authority for the sake of personal interests was checked by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). However, no criminal case was initiated. The scandal, like garbage, was disposed of, and Svetlana Radionova continued her oversight activities, although in August-September, many predicted that she would either go to prison, or be dismissed due to official inconsistency.

It is noteworthy that this flamboyant blonde from Saratov, who headed Rosprirodnadzor less than a year ago, previously worked as the deputy head of Rostekhnadzor, where she was known as a seasoned corrupt official. In short, Svetlana Radionova, who was called the “gray cardinal” and the “percenter” behind her back, would get her “share” from the “pocket companies” involved in industrial safety expertise, inspection, and diagnostics of large objects, etc. The official skillfully invented and implemented kickback schemes and was engaged in theft and bribery. Some of her colleagues ended up in prison, whereas Radionova was simply transferred to a similar position and even promoted.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Natural Resources could not handle her, and “heavy artillery” in the person of the National Guard head’s son-in-law joined Bolshaya Troyka. Consequently, from now on, the current volume of state contracts worth a billion rubles will seem like a trifle for this company, as with the advent of Yury Chechikhin, new prospects appeared on the horizon.

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«Bolshaya Troyka creates solutions for the future and forms a new world view

Service's monolithic construction

Not by the son-in-law alone, as they say. The National Guard's head has a son, Roman Zolotov, who is a good friend of Yury Chechikhin. Roman Viktorovich does not run the risk of being left without state contracts; albeit not directly, but at least through companies affiliated with him.


Roman Zolotov

For example, Roman Zolotov’s busines partners, Aleksey and Elena Bondarchuk, who own StroyMonolitService LLC, received a state contract of 1.15 billion rubles ($17.9 million) from the National Guard structures for the expansion of military unit No. 6716 in the Leningrad region. Actually, the founder of the mentioned company is Aleksey Bondarchuk, and his sister Elena Bondarchuk is Roman Zolotov’s partner in Kvantovye Tekhnologii NPO LLC. StroyMonolitService LLC was registered in 2015, and as of today, the amount of contracts it won has reached 2.5 billion rubles ($39 million).

Near the village of Lembolovo, where the military unit No. 6716 is located, massive development of the territory has already begun with cutting down centenary trees and laying barbed wire almost on the territory of summer cottages.

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Lembolovo has turned into a construction site

StroyMonolitService’s contractor does its best. The following needs to be done: build several checkpoints, equip an access road and a large parking lot, build warehouses for storing fuel and toxic technical fluids. But local residents and summer residents are indignant. They demand adjusting the project so that at least some buffer zone remains between the National Guard unit and the village, the country road and recreation area by the river are preserved, and the barbaric deforestation ceased. They even turned to National Guard Head, Viktor Zolotov, who, however, ignored this appeal.

Conflict of interest with the state?

“Since it was Aleksey Bondarchuk, and not Elena, who got the contract, this formally withdraws this situation from the scope of legislation for anti-corruption sanctions. However, if Aleksey and Elena Bondarchuk are relatives, then this is crucial. That is, the family of business partners Roman Zolotov, son of National Guard Head Viktor Zolotov, gets government contracts from the National Guard, and one can see a conflict of interest here,” Ilya Shumanov, deputy general director of Transparency International Russia, says.

It is clear that in this case, a conflict of interest is possible only with the state, but not between the Zolotov-Bondarchuk people, whose friendly tandem is spending budget millions in the construction of a new building of the Museum of the World Ocean in the Kaliningrad region. The customer is North-Western Directorate for Construction, Reconstruction and Restoration FSI. The formal tender was attended by the Bondarchuk's company protected by the Zolotovs.

контракт Калининград.png

StroyMonolitService LLC is realizing 156 million rubles’ worth of budget funds in Kaliningrad

The ball building, which StroyMonolitService is building under state contracts in Kaliningrad, is scheduled to be commissioned by November 25, 2019.

New Project.jpg

The ball building erected by StroyMonolitService

In addition, the company is building wastewater treatment plants in the village of Luchinskoe in the Dmitrovsky district, Moscow region, having received a state contract worth about half a billion rubles. The customer is the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow region.

However, General Viktor Zolotov, who oversees all the above business processes, is also on the go. After all, the National Guard is a fresh ground for making profit. The other day, Malyuta Skuratov reported via Telegram that the department headed by Zolotov intends to purchase more than 3.5 thousand computers, on which it is planned to spend 297.3 million rubles ($4.61 million). Naturally, this money is allocated from the state budget. Of these, 2,300 computers that underwent special testing were priced at 70,192 rubles per piece and 1,520 computers at 89,405 rubles each.

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Viktor Zolotov

“In the first case, a special check of the equipment should be carried out for possible implemented electronic devices for intercepting information. In the second case, such a check is not required. It is noteworthy how the average price is received. The National Guard requested data from five sources. At the same time, one source did not provide a price, and one source provided a price much higher than others, so it was thanks to these data that the average price turned out to be quite high. For example, the following prices were obtained on the first request: 69,950 rubles, 69,320 rubles, 69,600 rubles, and 71,900 rubles. In the second case, the prices were as follows: 84,500 rubles, 89,720 rubles, 89,900 rubles, and 93,500 rubles,” the channel notes.

National Guard general’s “bitcoin” grandson

A grandson of the National Guard head, Artyom Chechikhin, 19, who lives in London, also contributes to the family business. He studies at the prestigious Cranleigh School for 3 million rubles a year and is a partner of AirBitClub, a cryptocurrency financial pyramid disguised as a network “bitcoin” business. In this fraudulent project of American Gutemberg Dos Santes, fooled customers are promised up to 1.2% profit per day. By the way, in 2018, the US Securities and Exchange Commission fined AirBitClub for organizing a pyramid.

“At first I was skeptical about this, but then I met with the main representatives of this company in Russia, and they helped me figure things out, and now I have no doubt that this actually works. And why not take advantage, if it works?” Artyom Chechikhin said in an interview with Sobesednik.


New Project  копия.jpg

Artyom Chechikhin makes money with crypto pyramids

“Making money with AirBitClub is easy. No knowledge of the intricacies of the market is required. You simply give the company a certain amount, and that company promises you up to 1.2% profit per day. For those who bring new customers, there is an additional bonus,” Chechikhin Jr. says.

He attracts new customers (and there are several hundreds of them on Artyom Chechikhin’s account) through a secret chat on Telegram, adding his Instagram subscribers to it.

In Russia, AirBitClub settled in the Urals under the name Pro100business. About 60 thousand people were involved in the activity of this fraudulent scheme, and the total investment amounted to tens of millions of dollars. In August of this year, Ural residents Artyom Yurzin, Evgeny Lebedev, and Ivan Kolnogorov were detained on suspicion of creating this bitcoin pyramid by the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Sverdlovsk region together with the Department “K.” A criminal case under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Scale Committed by an Organized Group on an Especially Large Scale) was initiated against the detainees. The Verkh-Isetsky District Court of Yekaterinburg chose a preventive measure in the form of detention for them.

Naturally, the general’s grandson Artyom Chechikhin did not fall under suspicion. In winter, he goes skiing in Courchevel; in spring, he goes to the UAE; in summer, he travels to Italy and Peru.



However, he plans to open a network of branded cafes called “ID cafes” in Russia. It should be stressed that one can envy the entrepreneurial talent of young Chechikhin. While still a 15-year-old, he posted an advertisement for the sale of a group of 2395 subscribers on VKontakte social networks.

Объявление Чечихин.png

To whom and for how much Chechikhin Jr. sold the group is unknown

However, the 19-year-old teenager has someone to learn from and something to strive for. Sooner or later, he should become a full-fledged member of the family business empire. And for this, both theoretical and practical knowledge is needed, which he can easily gain from his grandfather Viktor, uncle Roman, and his father.



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