General Lopyrev got prosecuted after investigation appointed by FSO Head Kochnev

General Lopyrev got prosecuted after investigation appointed by FSO Head Kochnev
Dmitry Kochnev

Detention and arrest of FSO General Lopyrev is associated with the May resignation of Head of the Federal Protective Service Evgeny Murov, Dmitry Kochnev's predecessor.

As Kommersant reports, Head of the FSO Protective Service in the Caucasus Gennady Lopyrev was detained on November 25 on the results of investigation, personally initiated by Head of FSO Dmitry Kochnev.

The Federal Protective Service earlier commented on General Lopyrev's detention using antiseptic phrases. According to the FSO Center for Public and Media Relations, Lopyrev was arrested on suspicion of serious violations of legislation detected during an interdepartmental check in the Caucasus.

Citing its own source, the news agency notes that such checks have been carried out on the orders of FSO Major General Kochnev, who became the head of the Federal Protective Service in May 2016, replacing sacked Evgeny Murov.

It is worth noting that General of the Army Murov was serving as the Head of the secret service responsible for the safety of top officials for 16 years. 

Gennady Lopyrev, arrested by the 94th Garrison Military Court of Moscow last night, has worked in the FSO for 13 years. Some time after information about his detention on November 25, a number of media sources reported that the investigation against the general may be due to the resignation of Evgeny Murov, who allegedly used to be Lopyrev's patron.

Let us recall that the formal reason for resignation of 70-year-old Murov was attainment of the age limit for civil servants. However, on the eve of departure from the post of the FSO Head, Evgeny Murov's name was repeatedly mentioned in connection with corruption scandals.

Before heading the FSO, Colonel Dmitry Kochnev led the Presidential Security Service for six months. Before appointment to this position, Kochnev's official biography was not published. However, according to some reports, Kochnev was a subordinate of the current Head of the National Guard of Russia Viktor Zolotov in the presidential guard. By Decree no. 256 of May 26 2016, Dmitry Kochnev was appointed the Director of FSO by President, after which he was awarded the rank of the Major General.

Let us recall that the Head of the FSO in the Caucasus, Lieutenant General Lopyrev was accused of bribe-taking on an especially large scale in accordance with part 6 of Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code yesterday. 1 billion rubles were seized during a search in his apartment in Sochi. Allegedly, Lopyrev used to take bribes from commercial organizations for providing them with state contracts for construction and repair work.



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