General Fix: Mission compeleted? From Rosneft to FSB

General Fix: Mission compeleted? From Rosneft to FSB
General Feoktistov resigned from Rosneft when an increased attention was paid to him

FSB General Oleg Feoktistov, also known as General Fix, became Rosneft's Vice President for security in September 2016. It is known that it was him who was in charge of the operation to detain Alexey Ulyukaev. Now, Feoktistov should become a ‘counterweight’ to Head of the FSB Economic Security Service Sergey Korolyov.⁠

On April, 5 the Rosneft Board of Directors decided to early-terminate the powers of Oleg Feoktistov, the company's Vice President for security. Former top manager of TNK-VR and Vice President of Rosneft Yuri Kurilin was appointed a new member of the board of Rosneft for a period of 3 years.

Kommersant reports that Feoktistov is returning to the office of attaced FSB officers. It is known that the General who took a direct part in the operation to detain Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukayev will hold the post of Deputy Chief of the FSB's Economic Security Service (SAB), headed by his former chief of the FSB Internal Security Directorate (USB) Sergey Korolev.

Well-informed sources believe that after the corresponding decree is signed by the Russian President, in the FSB SAB Feoktistov will become a ‘counterweight to Korolev’, who considers his former Deputy in the USB a competitor.

Oleg Feoktistov worked as Head of Rosneft’s security service for only six months, just at the time when Rosneft was purchasing a controlling stake of PAO Bashneft. In November 2016 Minister Alexey Ulyukaev was detained for extortion and bribe-taking related to this transaction, and in March 2017 information that Feoktistov was going to leave Rosneft appeared.

At first the company denied it, but after a while Head of Rosneft Igor Sechin confirmed that Feoktistov returned to military service. According to Kommersant, this decision was made in the light of the clamor after the arrest of Ulyukayev and the increased attention of the mass media to the General of the FSB avoiding publicity. Then it also became known that the acting Head of the security service of Rosneft was appointed Feoktistov's deputy Ural Latypov, who had previously worked in the Federal Drug Control Service and the General Prosecutor's Office for a long time.

Before the transition to Rosneft in September 2016 General Oleg Feoktistov had served as Deputy Head of the FSB's USB and overseen the work of the 6th service of this department. Feoktistov initiated several resonant cases against high-ranking officials and security officials – Denis Sugrobov, Boris Kolesnikov, Vyacheslav Gaizer, Alexander Khoroshavin and Nikita Belykh.



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