Funeral of FSB employee Gridnev attended by ex-Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov

Funeral of FSB employee Gridnev attended by ex-Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov
Sergey Gridnev

Sergey Gridnev used to head Ustinov’s security.

The mourning ceremony for Federal Protective Service Colonel Sergey Gridnev in the Farewell Room of the Russian FSB on Pekhotnaya Street was attended by former Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov, as well as a large number of former employees of the 9th KGB Department of the USSR and employees of the Federal Protective Service. Gridnev's funeral will take place at Vagankovskoye cemetery on July 16. 

Sergei Gridnev died on the yacht of Moscow lawyer Georgy Iordanidi on July 13. It was reported that the colonel died of acute cardiovascular inefficiency. 

Gridnev headed the security of Prosecutor General Skuratov and then that of Vladimir Ustinov. He is mentioned in Skuratov's memoirs The Dragon Variant. The high-profile case of the ‘Three Whales’, which received wide publicity due to interagency conflicts between law enforcement and customs authorities of the Russian Federation, developed before his eyes. 

People with the names Iordanidi and Gridnev appeared in the case of Mikhail Skvortsov, former deputy head of the Moscow Registration Committee, who was accused of swindling in the sale and purchase of a two-story building on Alexander Solzhenitsyn Street in Moscow. The building belonged to Steklomontazh OJSC. The case against Skvortsov was initiated on the application of a minority shareholder in Steklomontazh named Iordanidi. Skvortsov claimed that two years prior to the initiation of the case, Iordanidi and Gridnev visited him to “settle the matter” with the building. However, the parties did not come to any decision, and Skvortsov was later accused of fraud. 



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