FSO officers allowed to surpass routes and forbidden to publish personal information

FSO officers allowed to surpass routes and forbidden to publish personal information

There are amendments in the work of the Federal Guard Service (FSO) - the introduction of irregular working hours for some categories of employees and free use of airfields and seaports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted amendments to the State Duma on changes in the work of the FSO.

In particular, according to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, within amendments, the FSO could temporary surpass routes for pedestrians and transport while objects of state protection traveling on them.

In addition, employees will be able to freely use airports, airfields, heliports, landing sites, sea and river ports, and also receive free of charge provision of flight and navigation.

For all FSO employees it is introduced non-standard work day and compulsory passage of a fingerprint registration. In addition, the bill clarifies the use of physical force, special means and weapons by FSO staff.

Thus, the amendments spelled right to FSO employees to bare arms and bring it into readiness, if the present situation could be grounds for its application. When detaining person try to approach the officer of the State Guard with weapon, reducing the specified distance, the FSO officer has the right to open fire.

During necessary defense or extreme necessity FSO employees may use any means available (including transport), according to the bill.

Another proposal concerns the work of public FSO: its employees are prohibited to place in the media and on the Internet information (including photos, videos) about themselves, other employees of the state protection bodies, allowing to disclose their affiliation to the organs of the State Guard.

Moreover, military and civilian personnel state of protection bodies, having property abroad, are required to take action on its alienation at a certain time.

Employees must comply with the FSO code of ethics and official conduct. The head of the secret service will adopt it. The failure to comply with these rules will serve the basis for the resignation. The refusal in employment may be due to criminal records and drug use.



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