FSIN denied HRC representatives' visit to Karelian prison

FSIN denied HRC representatives' visit to Karelian prison
Igor Kalyapin, HRC member

Five human rights advocates were going to visit Republic prisons and pre-trial detention facilities.

The Service refused to allow 5 council members to visit Karelian prisons and pre-trial detention facilities, according to the RosBusinessConsulting Informational Agency quoting council member Igor Kalyapin.

The advocates sent a letter to Service Deputy Head Valery Boyarints, according to Kalyapin. He pointed out that it was the first time the council have ever faced such an issue.

“This definitely means they want to hide something. We visited the IK-7 Prison back in November,” he said.

There is no doubt that the local Service department expected the council would do as they said, Kalyapin claimed. Nonetheless, the advocates have already attempted an investigation into what is going on there and will continue doing the same in the future.

Service Deputy Head Valery Maksimenko told the Agency the Service had previously allowed the council member to visit IK-7. “However, Kalyapin pointed out that IK-7 employees violate some rules during his last visit. The President ordered the Prosecutor General’s Office to inspect the Service. The former is inspecting the latter now,” Maksimenko said.

He pointed out the law defines who can visit the prisons supervised by the Service; HRC members are not on the list.

Crimerussia.com have previously published articles on Council members planning to hold an offsite meeting in the Republic. They were going to visit Karelian prisons and pre-trial detention facilities among other things.

May we remind you that media outlets published a letter by prisoner Ildar Dardin in the fall of 2016. Dadin was the first person to be convicted of violating the Russian rally rules. He claimed prison officers in his Republic prison tortured and humiliated prisoners. Independent doctors claimed Dadin did not have any injury at the time of examination. The inspectors claimed the same thing.

Dadin was transferred to an Altai Krai prison following the inspection in IK-7, as turned out later.



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