FSB visited Leningrad Region Court Bailiffs Service

FSB visited Leningrad Region Court Bailiffs Service

Agency staff conducted searches in the accounting and the personnel departments.

This afternoon the source of the Narodnie Novosti news agency reported that the Court Bailiffs Service department in the Leningrad Region was visited by the FSB. The FSB officers searched the accounting and personnel management departments.

It was found that the operation of inspection and seizure of documents was carried out in the framework of operational and investigative work.

The source of the news agency denied the information that the work of special services related to the criminal case, which was previously filed against one of the bailiffs service employees, who received a bribe of 300 thousand rubles in September 2016 from the businessman in exchange for a promise to protect him from the inspections.

At the moment the real reason of the FSB's visit to the Court Bailiffs Service is unknown.



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