FSB to hunt for bribetakers 

FSB to hunt for bribetakers
The Russian Federal Security Service is going to deal with major corruption scandals

The focus area of the MIA General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption (GAESCC) will be passed to the Federal Security Service (FSB).

Such key areas for the GAESCC officers as investigating major corruption cases, fuel and energy complex, fraud with public procurement and in the banking sector, will be controlled by the relevant units of the FSB. This was reported by Life with reference to a source in the security services.

MIA will still control only issues related to the theft on small scale: tax fraud, fraud in business, markets, shops, etc. The reason for that is the loss of confidence, preceded by a series of high-profile corruption scandals involving police officers, who were supposed to fight the very crimes they were accused of.

Previously, the CrimeRussia wrote about the growing role of the FSB and the inspections carried out in law enforcement agencies at their own initiative. The most notable arrest of the recent time was that of the Acting Head of the GAESCC Department T Dmitry Zakharchenko. The day after the arrest, security agents found 8.5 billion rubles during the search in the apartment of his half-sister, Irina Razgunova. The colonel also possessed multiple apartments, cottages, and expensive jewelry. All property is estimated at 30 billion rubles. This corruption scandal provoked new rotations in the GAESCC, as well as rumors that it may be dispersed for good.

According to the source of Life, the GAESCC will continue to operate after passing its key areas of supervision to the FSB. The areas in question are related to the large sums of money. By the way, the FSB Department M is already engaged in almost all the major developments related to corruption offenses. All high-profile exposures of senior ICR officials were initiated by the FSB.

Дмитрии Захарченко

It should be noted that Zakharchenko’s case is not the first high-profile corruption story associated with the GAESCC management. In 2014, the GAESCC Head Denis Sugrobov and his deputy Boris Kolesnikov were detained at the initiative of the FSB and under similar circumstances. They were accused of creating a criminal community in their agency. Sugrobov categorically denied the charges, saying that during his leadership in the GAESCC "certain influential forces tried to fabricate" false accusations of corruption against him. The operation against Sugrobov was personally overseen by the Deputy Head of the FSB Department of the Internal Affairs Oleg Feoktistov. This resulted in the redundancy among GAESS staff and the change of its leadership.

The arrest of Police Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko was followed by a decree of the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev, who ordered to inspect the current leadership of the GAESCC. During the inspection, it was established that just before the appointment, the GAESCC Head Andrey Kurnosenko got rid of real estate worth about 100 million rubles. Kurnosenko was subject to a disciplinary action, but remained at his post. Meanwhile, inspections in the GAESCC are ongoing.



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