FSB report made Bastrykin resign

FSB report made Bastrykin resign

The Federal Security Service (or FSB) made a report where it said the official had lost control over the Investigative Committee.

Aleksandr Bastrykin may leave the office as the Head of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) after the State Duma election, as reported by the RBK with reference to sources close to the FSB, the ICR and the presidential administration.

The CrimeRussia's law enforcement source confirmed the information and spoke of the possible causes of the resignation. According to the source, Bastrykin's dismissal may be associated with a report by the FSB which said the official had lost control over the Investigative Committee. The drafters believe that the institution had actually been managed by Mikhail Maksimenko, the Head of the BIA of the ICR, who was arrested on suspicion of bribe-taking from the thief in law Shakro Molodoy. The source expects a number of high-profile resignations of the ICR leaders associated with the shadow director.

Maksimenko was Bastrykin's right-hand man and had an even bigger influence than the ICR deputy heads. The agency's private security manager is said to have personally supervised many major criminal cases and the decisions were always made under his guidance. Thus, Maksimenko could have been behind the collapse of a dozen high-profile cases. According to the source, the official had enjoyed this level of trust due to his father's friendship with the agency's Head.



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