FSB makes student to admin public page about their success under duress

FSB makes student to admin public page about their success under duress

The young man drew attention to himself by having a social network group on the history of revolutions.

In Saratov, a student named Mikhail reported about threats he received from two FSB officers who allegedly forced the young man to admin a public page about the special services’ successful activities. In case of refusal, the student was promised problems at school and at work, ATS-Info reports. The young man drew interest to himself as an administrator of a closed group on VKontakte which was dedicated to the history of civil wars and revolutions in Russia and neighboring countries of the middle of the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries.

According to the student’s story, for the first time he ran into the FSB officer Vladimir in November 2018, when the security official tried to find out what the young man thought about to the act of Mikhail Zhlobitsky, who blew himself up in the FSB Directorate building in the Arkhangelsk Region. The conversation was put in a protocol. After that, Mikhail, through OVD-Info, found a lawyer for himself and, on his advice, stopped responding to Vladimir’s calls.

Once at work, Mikhail was called to the security service and told that they wanted to talk to him in the FSB. After receiving the address, he came to the meeting with the lawyer who said that Vladimir did not like it. They had a conversation with the security official similar to the previous one.

Before the New Year’s Eve, Mikhail received a call from the dean’s office of the Institute for Urban Studies, Architecture and Construction of the Saratov State Technical University. They said that Mikhail did not have a credit in mathematics, but they cannot find the record book. At the university, Mikhail met with the FSB officer Vladimir, who volunteered to help, as he supervised the university. The next day, the dean's office found the record book with credits, of which Vladimir reported by telephone.

In the second half of January, Mikhail’s exam session began, and on its first day Vladimir contacted him and arranged a meeting. He asked Mikhail to speak to students, allegedly the Ministry of Education issued a decree on the popularization of history, and the university recommended Mikhail as a speaker. The student refused, referring to shyness.

The next day, Vladimir arranged a meeting once again and asked to publish a “historical and patriotic text” – “a cocktail of all known dates in our history” in Mikhail’s group. The latter refused.

A week later, the student was summoned by the director of the university on the instructions of two FSB operatives who were waiting for Mikhail at the institute. The student saw the same Vladimir, and the second man introduced himself as the head of the FSB’s health department, Anton Aleksandrovich. They threatened to prosecute Mikhail and his classmates, who, according to the FSB’s version, bribed a mathematics teacher.

“They began to apply certain psychological pressure, they would say: it will be necessary to help, and then everything will be great and wonderful, and if not, work and study wil go downhill,” Mikhail writes.

The security service officers suggested Mikhail to start a public page on the social network and tell about successful operations and investigations conducted by the FSB on it. “Life will improve, as well as the work and study. You can even get the second higher education, we will help you with everything,” Mikhail quotes the promises from the siloviki. The student succumbed to persuasion, after which he was asked not to tell about the given conversation, even relatives.



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