FSB Major General proposed to ban senators and deputies from traveling abroad

FSB Major General proposed to ban senators and deputies from traveling abroad

Alexander Mikhaylov responded this way to the proposal of the legislators not to release officials abroad.

Alexander Mikhaylov, former Head of the government information department of the Russian Federation, reserved Major General of the FSB, commented on the initiative of the State Duma to restrict former FSB officers from going abroad. According to Mikhaylov, the bill requires serious revision.

For instance, it is necessary to include senators, deputies and officials banned from travelling abroad in the list, suggests Mikhaylov.

“A significant number of people working in the system of security agencies do not have access to secret information at all and are not interested to anyone. Our deputies are also individuals with access to state secrets to a certain extent, and in general, they are more attractive for provocations outside the Russian Federation. The members of the Federation Council and governors should be included in the bill since they are media people,” Alexander Mikhaylov told Kommersant.

The initiative to prohibit Chekists from traveling abroad belongs to Vasily Piskarev, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, and a group of deputies.

Piskarev believes that it is necessary to ban ex-Chekists from leaving abroad as there is a danger of “unfriendly actions” against them by foreign citizens.

He clarified that this especially concerns the employees that participated in the fight against international terrorism, in the suppression of drug and arms trafficking, and other particularly grave crimes.



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