Former Sverdlovsk official becomes senior executive at Solidarnost Bank

Former Sverdlovsk official becomes senior executive at Solidarnost Bank
Oleg Kurach

After retirement Oleg Kurach landed a job with Solidarnost (Solidarity).

Former Head of the Directorate for Economy Security Combatting Crime of the Main Directorate of the Internal Affairs Ministry for the Sverdlovsk region, Colonel Oleg Kurach after retirement became a senior executive with Solidarity Bank, reports AiF-Ural.

According to the publication, the Colonel visited his former colleagues in the Sverdlovsk central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and boasted that he is now Head of the branch of the Samara-based bank Solidarnost in Yekaterinburg.

“Kurach appeared in Yekaterinburg, where in November 2018 a branch of Solidarnost was opened. The bank’s business card states that, among other things, it is focused on working with partners from South-East Asia,” the newspaper writes.

The article notes that in April 2018, Kurach registered a legal entity called Solidarnost - Consulting LLC, in which he has a 75% share (about 750 thousand rubles ($11.3 thousand)).

The remaining 25% belong to Zarubezhenergoproekt JSC, which is headed by Vyacheslav Arbuzov. Since 2016, Arbuzov has been listed as a member of the board of Solidarnost Bank, and Zarubezhenergoproekt JSC has offices in the People's Republic of China (Beijing) and in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City).

In addition to its usual financial activities, Solidarnost Bank has an eastern orientation, aimed at China, Vietnam and other Asian countries. The author of the material suggests that the new job of Kurach, who previously oversaw the economic security in the region, may be regarded as a conflict of interest.



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