Former head of Yaroslavl Penitentiary Service retired

Former head of Yaroslavl Penitentiary Service retired
Alexey Kostenko

Alexey Kostenko was transferred from the Yaroslavl region to Tyumen a year ago.

The head of the FSIN department in the Tyumen region, Alexey Kostenko, leaves the department. As the management press servicу told Interfax, Kostenko wrote a letter of resignation in connection with his retirement.

It is noteworthy that before leading FSIN in Tyumen, Kostenko headed the Yaroslavl department. During this period, officers of IK-1 tortured prisoner Evgeny Makarov. The incident occurred in the summer of 2017, in the autumn Kostenko was transferred to Tyumen. It became known about torture only this year when Novaya Gazeta published shocking footage of abuse.

After the publication, a criminal case was initiated under Exceeding Official Powers (Article 286 of the Criminal Code). There are 14 defendants, employees of two Yaroslavl colonies, 13 of them were arrested.



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