Forbes found 10 unusual vehicles of Russia’s richest civil servants and deputies 

Forbes found 10 unusual vehicles of Russia’s richest civil servants and deputies

Officials indicated expensive, rare or original vehicles in their declarations.

Forbes has studied the declarations of the 100 most wealthy civil servants and deputies of Russia, in which it discovered expensive, rare or original vehicles. 

For example, the husband of State Council member of Tatarstan Anastasia Kolesova, Nikolay Uraev (deputy of the Kazan City Duma) has a Maserati Granturismo Convertible, as well as several rare cars, for example, a 1982 GAZ-66 truck. 

Member of the Federation Council from the Kamchatka region, Valery Ponomarev, owns a Ferrari F430, two Bentley cars, and a rare Volga. 

State Duma deputy Grigory Anikeev owns a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter, a Hammer SUV, several fishing boats, and an all-terrain vehicle. 

Deputy of the Magadan Regional Duma Alexander Basansky has a fleet comprising of an An-2 aircraft and three helicopters type Mi-8T. Sergey Chemezov, General Director of Rostec State Corporation, indicated a Harley-Davidson FLHTCUTG TRI motorcycle, a GAZ-13 Chaika, a ZAZ 965A Zaporozhets, a GAZ-69A off-road vehicle, a ZIL 4104 limousine, and a Lada Ellada electric car in the declaration. 

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm region, Yury Borisovets, owns two Monterey 250 Cruizer boats. 

First Deputy Chairman of the State Corporation VEB.RF Nikolay Tsekhomsky has a ‘James Bond car’ Aston Martin Vanquish S. 

Deputy of the Council of People's Deputies of the Kemerovo region, Roman Govor, has a limousine ZIL-41047 and a Porsche Cayenne S. 

State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik owns several dozen vehicles, from the elite Maybach 62S and Mercedes to the ‘people's’ Niva and several tractors. 

The wife of deputy of the Magadan Regional Duma Mikhail Kotov has a rare German car produced by Wanderer.

Caption Photo: Maserati Granturismo Convertible
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