Finger and thumb. Mutual gifts of Peskov and Navka qualify them for Forbes rating 

Finger and thumb. Mutual gifts of Peskov and Navka qualify them for Forbes rating
In the last three years, after the marriage with Peskov, revenues of Navka have been skyrocketing Photo: The CrimeRussia

Ice dancer Tatiana Navka likes public attention. The former sportswoman stages ice shows one by one and successfully wins governmental contracts. The price of one of the contracts awarded to Navka has mysteriously increased by 4 million rubles ($60.5 thousand) right before the New Year. As usually, Dmitry Peskov is not aware of these miracles.

Millions in the wedding basket

The honeymoon of Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov continues. A Richard Mille watch worth $620 thousand – Navka’s supposed wedding gift to Peskov – was just the beginning. In anticipation of the New Year, Peskov had to find an answer to a difficult question: what to present to a woman who can make her husband a gift for 38 million rubles ($575 thousand) after “working hard for the entire summer”?


Richard Mille RM 52-01 watch presented by Navka to beloved husband

So, Peskov decided to present money to his wife. In the last year, the Press Secretary for the President of Russia has earned 14.3 million rubles ($216.2 thousand). This is a joke in comparison with Navka who may earn in one summer enough money to purchase a home worth 470 million rubles ($7.1 million) and a watch. But a miracle happened and saved the unmercenary husband: right before the New Year, the salt price has skyrocketed. Of course, this refers not to all salt – but only to the one produced by Crimea-based Galit Cooperative whose shareholder since recently is Tatiana Navka.


On the evening of December 28, 2018, the contract between Galit and Krymavtodor State Unitary Enterprise was worth 21.6 million rubles ($326.6 thousand), but at midnight, its value has increased to 25.9 million rubles ($391.6 thousand) – i.e. by more than 4 million rubles ($60.5 thousand). It is necessary to note that the tender had been carried out on a sole-source basis, and the reduction of the starting price was neglectable. Perhaps, Krymavtodor recounts the salt deposits in late December every year? Concurrently, the popularity of companies involving Tatiana Navka is increasingly growing. Apparently, Krymavtodor decided to purchase more salt after becoming aware that the ice dancer is among the shareholders of the supplier? The customer's decision was formalized on December 29 – what a lovely New Year gift!

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Dates of amendments to the contract

The Olympic champion has a unique sense of money. Last year, she sold a ‘humble’ apartment in Manhattan for $1.75 million and invested the sale proceeds into the most perspective mineral – salt. For the sake of fairness, it is necessary to note that the spouse of the Kremlin Press Secretary hasn’t got the entire sum – her ex-husband Aleksander Zhulin was another co-owner of that property. But now we know for sure: the ice dancer had more than one ‘fruitful’ summer.




A lookalike apartment in the same Manhattan neighborhood offered at a similar price

Slippery dances 

In 2006, the owner of an apartment in New York has successfully monetized her sports achievements by telling the President that she has no place to live in Moscow. At that time, the skater was not aware yet how to earn enough money to buy a mansion within one summer. And ‘homeless' Navka received keys to a 5-room apartment in Kopernik (Copernicus) Residential Complex. A lot has changed since then. In the last three years, after the marriage with Peskov, revenues of Navka have skyrocketed from 89 to 200 million rubles ($1.3–3 million) per year. The ice dancer already joined the top 10 richest officials’ wives and continues moving towards the top of the podium. To justify her booming income, Navka is diligently jumping on the ice and staging a new show every year. 

Sponsors make the ice performances especially profitable. Russian Railways, Transneft, Federal Directorate of Music and Festival Programs Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture (Rosconcert), and Channel One Russia are eager to load Kremlin Press Secretary’s wife with money. The loyal TV channel has not only broadcasted the full version of Ruslan and Lyudmila musical prior to its concert tour over Russia – but also paid for this unique (for Navka) opportunity.


Of course, musical shows may explain only a portion of revenues gained by Peskov's spouse – but, as is well-known, the Kremlin Press Secretary always has difficulties with answers to inconvenient questions. A few weeks ago, Navka presented her third ice show – The Scarlet Flower. The Manhattan apartment won't be forgotten as well – Dmitry Peskov would likely include it in his income and asset declaration to justify the amazing income of his wife. But, taking the spending habits of Navka, this money may be not enough to survive even until the declaration submission deadline. 

According to some information, the spouse of Dmitry Peskov had celebrated the old style New Year on Velaa Private Island, Maldives and stayed there until the Epiphany Day. It costs $24 thousand per day to rent one of the most expensive villas on the islands. The basic service set including a spa complex and golf course was not sufficient for the ice dancer – and Navka requested to install a huge screen on the beach to be able to watch herself singing Boogie-Woogie on the New Year Eve on Channel One Russia.

The ice dancer enjoyed her own performance together with the mother, younger daughter, and fellow co-performer of the retro hit – Jasmin. Jasmin’s husband Ilan Shor has been charged in Moldova with money laundering for the total amount of $1 billion. Shor was actively involved in the notorious ‘Moldavian laundromat’ and now prefers to live in the native land of its main beneficiaries – i.e. in Russia. Since then, the two society ladies became friends for the mutual benefit of Shor and Peskov.



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