Federation Council to check governors' efficiency

Federation Council to check governors' efficiency
Photo: Photo: IZVESTIA/Alexey Mayshev

Parliamentarians propose to create a unified rating system for the heads of Russian regions.

On April 24, the Russian Council of legislators will review the report on the status and main directions for improving Russian legislation in the sphere of state regional policy.

The document, (Izvestia newspaper has its draft), refers to the need to review the existing assessment of efficiency of the executive authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation given the current state of economy. In particular, it is proposed to create a unified system for rating governors, which should observe the balance of economic and social development indicators of the region.

The current scheme for assessing the effectiveness of executive bodies at all levels is "non-transparent, sometimes inaccessible and incomprehensible to citizens," the report says. To solve this problem, as the authors believe, it is necessary to determine specific indicators of the social and economic development of the regions and to establish responsibilities for failure to reach them in relation to the bodies of executive power and officials of the subjects of the Russian Federation. It is assumed that to increase the transparency and openness of summed up evaluation results, they can be posted on the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and in the state automated system called Upravleniye (Management).

Dmitry Azarov, the Chairman of the Federation Council's federal structure committee, expects that this proposal will be implemented and residents will be able to learn from open sources how the heads of the subjects of the Russian Federation fulfill the key tasks for the development of the regions. According to him, today this issue is not fully regulated by law.

“There are official indicators of efficiency of the socio-economic development of a region: from demography to attracting investment in fixed assets, on which it is possible to draw conclusions about the effective performance of a particular management team. We believe that this should be the rule for all constituent subjects of the Russian Federation and the highest regional officials," the senator explained to Izvestia, noting that the public presentation of the results of the regional authorities’ activities will help to create a unified anti-corruption system in the country.

CEO of the Agency for Political and Economic Communications Dmitry Orlov said that the unified rating raises risks when assessing the situation in the regions.

“In my opinion, the best system would consist of a lot of rating products on different criteria: from assessing the overall effectiveness to assessing the state of education or health in the region. At the same time, a single center for integrated assessment of these ratings should be in the Presidential Administration, possibly in the government, where a complex picture should be created from these products”, he told Izvestia.

The president of the Foundation Peterburgskaya Politika (St. Petersburg Policy), Mikhail Vinogradov, believes that when composing different ratings, authors need to take into account the differences in the starting opportunities of the regions. In addition, according to the expert, there should not be more than 3 or 5 key criteria for assessing the regional authorities’ and senior officials’ activities.

“In general, ratings are good for popularization of what is happening in the regions than for separating good from evil, the criteria of which are not the same. In the proposed form, we still have to prove that for the authors the uniqueness and self-worth of what is happening in the regions is important, and not the mood to compare everyone to each other, to turn the statistical data into standings with a zone of elimination and playoffs”, he concluded.

The report on the statues and main directions for improving legislation in the field of state regional policy prepared by the Federation Council in conjunction with the State Duma also devises concrete proposals on legislative support for improving regional policy, which should become an integral part of the work plan for legislators of all levels. As previously announced by speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, the document should be submitted to the Security Council by April 30.



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