Federal Guards Service gets its own Sochi beach

Federal Guards Service gets its own Sochi beach
Now only Federal Guards Service employees get to enjoy the beach

Sochi activists are collecting signatures for a review of the legality of giving the beach to the special services.

Sochi residents sent an appeal to the Russian president and the government of Moscow regarding newly built fences around the public beach in the city center, reported Newsru.com.

On March 25, a rally was held in the city, where over a thousand signatures were collected from people against the seizure of the beach. The fences were demolished the same night.  Federal Property Management Agency reported that they really had nothing to do with the fences.

According to the Federal Property Management Agency, the Riviera Beach was given to Federal Guards Service for permanent use by the order of Sochi mayoralty. The permitted use of the territory remained the same, namely: "sunbathing areas, aerarium and aerosolarium." According to Olga Samoilova, an activist, the special services got​​ a hectare for recreation purposes.

Another activist, Yevgeny Zakharov, believes that there is no justification of a whole beach to be given to Federal Guards Service, and the mayor had no right to restrict the residents' access to it.

Following lawyers’ advice, the people are going to involve the Prosecutor General's Office to review the decree. The collection of signatures under the appeal began already during the rally.

Federal Guards Service got a number of privileges from the president recently, which included taking any lands for state needs and building in protected areas.



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