Family of Moscow Deputy Mayor Biryukov buys 9 penthouses overlooking the Kremlin 

Family of Moscow Deputy Mayor Biryukov buys 9 penthouses overlooking the Kremlin
Pyotr Biryukov Photo: Meduza

According to media reports, the total cost of the apartments may be as high as 1.6 billion rubles ($24.000.000).

The family of the Moscow Deputy Mayor, Pyotr Biryukov, owns 9 out of 10 penthouses in the Legenda Tsvetnogo complex. The market value of the apartments may be as high as 1.6 billion rubles ($24.000.000), according to Meduza.

The newspaper says that the purchase was made on December 22, 2015. The official’s relatives acquired 9 out of 10 apartments on the top floors in the central tower.

"A vast two-level penthouse with panoramic windows and views of the Kremlin blurs the boundaries between you and the city, and now you get to enjoy the views of the capital with no limit," the developer’s website says about the buildings.

The publication refers to the Rosreestr that says that four of the apartments are registered in the name of Biryukov’s eldest daughter Irina, 46; two belong to his 41-year-old son, Alexander Biryukov, while Alexander's wife Ekaterina Biryukova, 31, got the remaining three. The total area of the penthouses owned by the Biryukov family is over 1600 square meters.


Legenda Tsvetnogo, a residential complex and business center on Moscow’s Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Credit: Meduza

The article highlights that in 2015, the developer of Legenda Tsvetnogo became the largest contractor of Moscow improvement programs, which are supervised by none other than the deputy mayor. According to the publication’s estimates, over the past four years, the Capital Group companies have received government contracts totaling almost 21.5 billion rubles ($322.000.000) under the Moya Ulitsa (‘My Street’) program.

According to the declaration of income and property of Pyotr Biryukov, the deputy and his wife do not have much property. Thus, Biryukov himself owns a small plot of 15 acres, a small house and a utility area in the village of Popovka in Chekhov district of the Moscow region, and his wife Antonida owns a neighboring plot of 25 hectares.

However, the nearby lands belong to the relatives of the Vice-Mayor - a high metal fence encloses a territory of more than 15 hectares. The owners are his son Alexander and daughter Irina. The plots belonging to different family members are randomly located - it is often possible to go from one plot to another only through territory belonging to another owner.

In addition, a number of lands on the territory of the Biryukovs’ estate belong to his acquaintances. For example, Viktor Pchelovodov, the former Deputy Head of the Moscow department of housing and utilities and landscaping who worked with the official from the early 90s until the end of 2012, owns several hectares of land.

Irina Biryukova, in addition to hectares, owns three houses, the largest of which has almost the same area as the nine penthouses at Legenda Tsvetnogo residential compound.

Two houses and a stable are registered in the name Vice-Mayor’s son Alexander, their total cadastral value is 116.5 million rubles ($1.6 m). The largest building in Popovka belongs to the official’s niece, Anzhelika Biryukova, who works as the press secretary of Luzhniki sports complex: her house’s area is over 2 thousand square meters.

Furthermore, Irina Biryukova and her son own a nine-room apartment in an eight-apartment building in Patriarshiye Ponds area.



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