Facebook says blocking Margarita Simonyan’s account was mistake

Facebook says blocking Margarita Simonyan’s account was mistake
Margarita Simonyan

Earlier, the social network said that the journalist violated the network’s standards.

Facebook apologized to journalist Margarita Simonyan and acknowledged that blocking her account was a mistake. Simonyan’s access to her blog on the platform was restored, RIA Novosti reported.

“Our community standards describe what is allowed and what is prohibited on Facebook. When we learn that some content violates the rules, we delete it and block accounts for repeated violations. However, if we see that we have made a mistake, we will restore the deleted content and apologize for the mistake – as in this case,” the news agency quotes the news agency of Facebook as saying. 

The day before, Simonyan was blocked for three days from accessing her blog for violating community standards. These include, for example, posts that incite ethnic hatred or hatred of a particular social group, as well as records of an extremist nature. Simonyan's last entry before the block was a repost about the September 11 terrorist attack in the USA.

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