Ex-Head of Federal Customs Service has home worth 200 million rubles 

Ex-Head of Federal Customs Service has home worth 200 million rubles
Andrey Belyaninov, Ex-Head of the Federal Customs Service Photo: © The CrimeRussia

The Anti-Corruption Foundation (ACF) used a quadcopter with camera to film the house belonging to Andrey Belyaninov, ex-Head of the Federal Customs Service (FCS).

According to the FBK, the size of the real estate belonging to the former official is some 1500 square meters. “Andrey Belyaninov could not afford such a home being a governmental official for years. Still, the Head of the FCS never concealed his huge luxury mansion and lived in it openly,” – the publication says.

In the morning on July 28, 2016, it became known that the Vice Premier Dmitry Medvedev has approved the letter of resignation submitted by Belyaninov.

It was earlier reported that the official is involved into an alcohol smuggling case; the expensive alcohol used to be smuggled into Russia via the FCS. Dmitry Mikhalchenko, the Principal of the Forum Holding Company, who was earlier mentioned in relation to the renovators case, has also been charged in the framework of the counterfeit alcohol case.

Belyaninov was a witness in the smuggling case; however, searches have been performed in his office and countryside estate. Shoeboxes full of cash in various currencies have been found, including 10 million rubles, $400 thousand, and €300 thousand. The official explained that these are family savings. Also, gold nuggets and numerous antiques, including paintings by Russian and European artists and cast-iron statuettes, were found in the mansion.



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