“Every family has a black sheep.” FSB veteran denies that system has “gone rotten”

“Every family has a black sheep.” FSB veteran denies that system has “gone rotten”
Eduard Bendersky

According to the former security official, “FSB gangs” are isolated incidents.

Russian security services responsibly do their work, and there are many examples where FSB officers act coherently, and isolated scandals with the so-called FSB gangs do not at all indicate that the system has “ gone rotten”, said FSB Vympel division veteran Eduard Bendersky .

As an example of the excellent work of the special division officers, he cited the prevention of terrorist attacks on a military unit in the Vladimir region. According to Bendersky, such cases indicate the efficient work of special services in Russia. As for the recent high-profile detention of fighters of Alpha and Vympel divisions and K Directorate, who were accused of robbery, the veteran believes this is "not an indicator of anything."

“Every family has a black sheep, and society, of course, has every right to be indignant at such facts,” Bendersky said in a conversation with Ridus, emphasizing that such stories anger his colleagues as well. But one cannot judge that this problem is a systemic one “by a handful of renegades.” The ex-security official stressed that failures occur in work of absolutely any organization.

As the CrimeRussia wrote, the employees of the special FSB divisions Alpha, Vympel and the K Directorate, as well as an inspector of the Federal Tax Service, Dmitry Chikvin, were detained in Moscow in early July. According to investigators, they stole 136 million rubles ($2 m) from a man who came to Metallurg Bank to exchange money for dollars.



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