Employees Moscow City Hall reveal their incomes

Employees Moscow City Hall reveal their incomes

The Moscow government published their income declarations for 2018.

Income of Moscow’s Vice Mayor Maxim Liksutov, who oversees the transport sphere, has fallen 11 times to 19.9 million rubles. A year earlier, he earned 219.7 million rubles. A Lexus LX 570, a Mercedes-Benz G55AMG and a Honda motorcycle disappeared from Liksutov’s declaration. Now, there are three land plots, a house (2,000 square meters) and two non-residential premises. He also owns a Harley-Davidson and a Ducati XDiavel motorcycles.

Other deputies of Sergei Sobyanin, the Moscow Mayor, earned the same sum. Deputy Mayor for construction Marat Khusnullin earned 8.8 million rubles for 2018. Vice Mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova indicated an income of 8.2 million rubles. Vice Mayor for housing and public utilities Pyotr Biryukov earned 8.2 million rubles. Vice Mayor for economic policy Vladimir Efimov - 7.7 million rubles. Deputy Mayor for regional security and information policy Alexander Gorbenko earned 7.3 million rubles. The head of the Mayor's office, Natalia Sergunina, earned 7.2 million rubles. None of Sergei Sobyanin’s deputies owns cars.

Sergei Cheremin, in charge of foreign economic and international relations, turned out to be the richest among the heads of departments of the Mayor's office, with the income of 81.3 million rubles (in 2017 he earned 76.7 million rubles). He owns two Mercedes cars, one Lexus, an apartment and a townhouse. The head of the department of culture, Alexander Kibovsky, declared an income of 11.5 million rubles. Aleksey Nemeryuk, head of the Moscow department of trade and services, indicated an income of 10.3 million rubles; Alexey Khripun, head of the health department, earned 9.7 million rubles; Isaak Kalina, head of the education department, earned 10.2 million rubles; Vladimir Petrosyan, head of the department of labor and social protection, had 9.5 million rubles, head of the main control department Evgeny Danchikov - 9.1 million rubles, head of the city property department Maxim Gaman - 8.5 million rubles, head of the finance department Elena Zyabbarova - 7.6 million rubles. Eduard Lysenko, head of the information technology department (he was appointed in September), earned less than 5 million rubles.

The Mayor himself has not yet reported on his income. The press service of the Moscow government announced that he "as a federal official has the right to provide a declaration before the May holidays." In 2018, Sergei Sobyanin’s income was published on 25th of April. Then, he indicated an income of 6.5 million rubles. The declaration also contained an apartment of 308.1 square meters. and a garage of 26.8 square meters.

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