Education of Putin's bodyguard Zinichev, who was assigned as Kaliningrad Governor, was put into question

Education of Putin's bodyguard Zinichev, who was assigned as Kaliningrad Governor, was put into question
Alexey Dyumin (the Acting Governor of the Tula Region), Yegeny Zinichev (the Acting Governor of Kaliningrad region) and Vladimir Putin

For the clarification of this information the regional Government sent journalists to the Kremlin.

The Kaliningrad Region Government refused to give the media information about the Acting Governor of Kaliningrad region Yevgeny Zinichev, who was working as a guard of the Russian President Vladimir Putin over the past 10 years.

The local newspaper Novyi Kaliningrad asked the regional government about the missing biographical data of the Acting Head of the region: in the curriculum vitae on the site of the regional Government in this regard it is stated only that in 1984-1986 he served in the Army and had a higher education, but none of the university or no specialty.


The regional Government has sent journalists to the Kremlin, saying that "the maintenance of personnel files of senior officials of the Russian Federation subjects" refers to the conduct of the Presidential Civil Service and Personnel.

However, even such a laconic reply was received at once: on the request sent on August 8 the government asked to give it more time.

Note that Kaliningrad has not for the first time the difficulty in clarifying the formation of his Governor: for example, the previous Head of the region, Nikolay Tsukanov, is now transferred to the post of the Presidential Envoy in the Northwestern Federal District, reported that he defended dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Sciences in psychology at the Kazan national technical University named after Tupolev in 2002.

This information raised suspicions in the region, as well as the experts of Dissernet. The latter argued that the Tsukanov's thesis was hastily prepared in hindsight, because of what appeared in her bibliography references to the work in 2003 and 2004.

The Prosecutor's Office and the ICR tested the diploma of legal education of Tsukanov, recognizing its original, but in an interview with the regional Prosecutor Alexey Samsonov said that he would not have hired such a specialist, as the Governor. He explained this that a full legal education can not be obtained in two years in absentia.



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