Edinaya Rossiya insists Poklonskaya should retain from public statements

Edinaya Rossiya insists Poklonskaya should retain from public statements
Natalia Poklonskaya

According to a source, Poklonskaya’s ambiguous statements caused widespread anger among members of the faction.

The Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia political party) urged State Duma Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya to refrain from any media activity in the near future due to her resent ambiguous statements. This was reported by Znak.com citing two sources close to the leadership of the faction in the State Duma.

According to a source, shocking actions of Poklonskaya do not meet the previously announced policy of the State Duma on professional development of the Parliament members. The last straw was identification of Lenin with Hitler in her recent statement.

In early November Poklonskaya asked the Prosecutor General's Office to check the movie "Matilda" of Alexey Uchitel about relationships of Nicholay II and ballet dancer Mathilda Kshesinskaya, which is not finished yet. According to the Deputy, more than 100 thousand Russians have supported a complaint that the film offended religious feelings of the population. Later, the director said that the Prosecutor's Office did not reveal any violations in the film.

Then, Poklonskaya published a post titled "The Emperor Nicholas II does not need intercession, as he was glorified by God himself" in her Live Journal blog. The post also included identification of Lenin with Hitler, she called them "monsters of the XX century" (as well as Lev Trotsky and Mao Zedong).

After Poklonskaya’s performance in the FM News radio program on October 18, users of social networks ridiculed her for attribution Chatsky's phrase from Alexander Griboyedov’s play "Woe from Wit" to military commander Alexander Suvorov.

"You know what they say ... «I’d like to serve, but not to be a servant»," - said the Deputy noting "This is how the great commander Suvorov said."

When the host of the program corrected her, saying that the phrase belongs to Chatsky (she was also wrong calling him a hero of a Lermontov’s play), Poklonskaya said: "And Suvorov, too! So, they both said so. "



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