Downsizing, reshuffle: changes in President's Administration

Downsizing, reshuffle: changes in President's Administration
Anton Vaino

New presidential Chief of personnel Anton Vaino is going to reorganize the Presidential Administration.

Anton Vaino’s new decree on restructuring the Presidential Administration is going to come out one of these days, Kommersant wrote. Next week will see major changes that will come into force after the President’s address to the Federal Assembly.

Firstly, the number of offices is to be reduced: 8 or 9 will be made out of the current 21, it is presumed. Besides, appointment of new department chiefs seems to be the central intrigue. There is a talk of a possible merger of Pavel Zenkovich’s public project management and presidential aide Igor Levitin’s Office for State Council management, with one of the key departments – the Office of the High Representative (OHR).

There are a few opinions regarding the position of the OHR Deputy Chief in charge of territories. When Mr. Kiriyenko joined the Administration, it was thought that the post could go to Aleksandr Kharichev, the Rosatom Regional Operations Manager. However, there appears to be no rush in appointment of a territory Chief. Local power brokers say that so far no major regional policy change has happened, but they are waiting for the moment when all the appointments are made.

Sergey Kiriyenko, the newly appointed First Deputy Presidential Chief of personnel, has already made a few visits in his new position. He traveled to Sochi, Yalta and Yaroslavl to Future Intellectual Leaders of Russia Forum. In Yaroslavl, the former Rosatom executive talked with Acting Governor Dmitry Mironov and local leaders of Edinaya Rossiya party. The sources name a few reasons for their talks: Rosatom prospects and the election of the Yaroslavl Governor after the scandalous arrest of Pereslavl-Zalessky Mayor Denis Koshurnikov on embezzlement charges. Kiriyenko also had time to visit Sevastopol and meet the Acting Governor, Dmitry Ovsyannikov. Now, after the amendments were made, the Sevastopol Head will be elected directly.



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