Double standards of Aleksander Dvoinykh, Head of Domodedovo Urban District 

Double standards of Aleksander Dvoinykh, Head of Domodedovo Urban District
Photo: The CrimeRussia

Aleksander Dvoinykh (Double (Rus.) – The CrimeRussia), Head of Domodedovo Urban District, lives up to his last name. He has introduced in Domodedovo the principle: everything for chosen ones, nothing for others.

Meteoric rise

In 2015, Aleksander Dvoinykh had inspired the residents of Domodedovo with optimism – a young functionary with excellent service record became the head of the urban district. At the age of 23, Dvoinykh had taken charge of TFTs Arktur investment company, then he became a Deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma, and finally was unanimously elected the Head of Domodedovo by the Deputies of the Urban District Council. However, his official biography is lacking many important details.

The name of Dvoinykh is well-known in his native Sergiev Posad. His father Vladimir Dvoinykh was a famous businessman and philanthropist. Dvoinykh senior was assassinated in the end of the 2000s – when a wave of contract killings had swept through Sergiev Posad. The city still holds an annual international tennis tournament named after Vladimir Dvoinykh – so high is the influence of the Dvoinykh family in Sergiev Posad.

TFTs Arktur managed by young Aleksander Dvoinykh is a part of the large family business. Later, following a popular trend, he decided to switch to the governmental service. At the age of 25, Dvoinykh was elected a Deputy of the Sergiev Posad Municipal Council. He was a member of the Commission for Urban Planning and Land Use and Commission for Business and Consumer Market Development. Apparently, he currently uses the skills acquired there in Domodedovo.


The marriage with a daughter of Andrei Vorobiev helped Dvoinykh to become the Head of Domodedovo

Rumors say that the marriage with a daughter of Governor Andrei Vorobiev helped Dvoinykh to become the Head of Domodedovo. There is no official information about this. However, the wife and son have appeared in tax and asset declarations of Aleksander Dvoinykh only in 2016, while his Instagram is full of his photos with the Governor. Upon taking up the office, the young mayor has immediately put shoulder to the wheel – although his activities were mostly aimed at the image building: visits to factories, construction sites, volunteer clean-up events, etc. Still, less than in two years, Dvoinykh has shown his true face. The small business was the first to feel this.

After the election of Dvoinykh, new companies advanced to the forefront in Domodedovo. For example, SIMARS advertisement agency has seized almost the entire control over the outdoor advertising in the city. Although the company does not have governmental contracts, rumors link SIMARS with the ‘inner circle’ of the mayor. It is necessary to note that the new Domodedovo Administration suppresses any public unrest in the egg.

In April 2017, several members of the Union of Soviet Officers have submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office and Inspection for the Town of Domodedovo of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation complaints against levies imposed by the district administration during agricultural fairs. The local farmers are forced to rent municipal tents at the cost of 2.5 thousand rubles ($41.6) per day. The ‘unofficial tax’ leaves no choice for the agricultural producers but to raise prices. As a result, Domodedovo-based suppliers have been driven out by Belarusian and Moscow guests.

Furthermore, the rent of tents is not formalized in writing, and the collected funds disappear without a trace. The District Prosecutor’s Office has entrusted the Domodedovo Administration to deal with the complainants on its own. Apparently, the petition submitted by the farmers to the mayor’s office has disappeared into thin air – the applicant haven’t got a response yet. But now everybody in Domodedovo has no doubts in strong ties between Aleksander Dvoinykh and local law enforcement authorities.

Not enough land to go round

Dvoinykh does not care about complaints from small entrepreneurs – he is too busy with the big business. In June 2016, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Moscow Region started a review of legality of the decision to allocate 60 ha of agricultural lands in Domodedovo Urban District to Coalco Group of Companies belonging to Vasily Anisimov. The plans to build Central Dry Port logistics complex on these lands have outraged the local people. According to the petition, the company has illegally acquired the huge piece of land. During the public hearings, the residents objected to the logistics park construction, but the district administration has already made a decision to re-zone the agricultural lands into the industrial ones citing some letters from people supporting the project. While the public activists are preparing to file lawsuits, Coalco promises to launch the first phase of the logistics park in a year and a half.

Another project launched by Coalco and later purchased by VTB Bank is of even greater concern for the Domodedovo residents. This refers to the construction of Maksimikha agriculture cluster whose grand scale is incomparable with the dry port – it is expected to occupy over 2.7 thousand ha. Despite the prefix ‘agricultural’, the cluster has very little to do with the agriculture – it is planned to build there a huge logistics center, accompanying production facilities, and residential complex for the personnel. Residents of adjacent settlements call this project an environmental disaster. An entire Domodedovo suburb is going to be transformed into a giant cargo terminal. Over 2 thousand people have already signed the petition against the construction of Maksimikha – while Andrei Vorobiev, Governor of the Moscow Region, has promised to provide every possible support for the project.

While major companies are preparing to develop thousands of hectares of land, the Domodedovo Administration laments the “lack of available lands” – since the ‘enthronement’ of Aleksander Dvoinykh, this is a standard response received by citizens entitles to the provision of free land lots. The number of applications declined “due to lack of available municipal lands” is continuously growing. For example, in March 2016, Domodedovo resident Tatiana Zybina had asked to provide a land lot to her disabled child. The reaction of the officials was exemplary swift – on the same day Evgenia Khrustaleva, Deputy Head of the Domodedovo Urban District, has signed a rejection to provide a land lot due to lack of available municipal lands.

However, in August 2015, Aleksander Dvoinykh has allocated a land lot with the area of some 11 ha to Oslyabya Association of Real Estate Owners. Officially, this document is just a preliminary approval that must be submitted for further review – but who would doubt of the positive decision if Andrei Averkiev, Minister of Property Relations of the Moscow Region, was involved into the preliminary approval of the deal?

This was not the last ‘generous gift’ made by Aleksander Dvoinykh. Several months later, he has granted 1.86 ha of land to some Kiselikha Association of Real Estate Owners. The deputy of Dvoinykh could not be unaware of these lands. But how could the officials give away lands worth over 200 thousand rubles ($3.3 thousand) per 100 square meters to disabled persons and veterans? Especially taking that both Oslyabya and Kiselikha associations of real estate owners are registered in the native city of Aleksander Dvoinykh – Sergiev Posad. How many land lots in Domodedovo are to be granted to fellow countrymen of the mayor? Perhaps, it is time to establish a fraternity named after Aleksander Dvoinykh?




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