Dorogomilovsky court judge forced to resign over intimate picture stolen from hacked phone

Dorogomilovsky court judge forced to resign over intimate picture stolen from hacked phone
Irina Devaeva

This happened after she mitigated the preventive measure to the defendants in the Novoe Velichie case.

Judge of the Dorogomilovsky court in Moscow, Irina Devaeva, has been forced to resign due to a nudity picture. This is reported by referring to a source that participated in the meeting of chairmen in the Moscow City Court.

According to the website of the Moscow qualification board of judges, the issue of the dismissal of Devaeva was considered on March 29. However, the court’s press service told that the judge had voluntarily resigned. 

Prior to that, Chairperson of the Dorogomilovsky district court, Olga Bykovskaya, and Chairperson of the Moscow City Court, Olga Egorova, were shown a picture of Devaeva with her naked breast.

According to the publication's source, after that, the stamp and certificate were immediately taken away from Irina [Devaeva]. The argument was that she behaved immorally. In particular, Egorova shouted that she would not allow such vicious practices among the judges.

It is noteworthy that this photo of Devaeva was taken before she became a judge in 2016. At the same time, it was never published anywhere. The source said it was stolen from the ex-judge’s hacked iPhone 7. It is not known who showed the picture to the chairpersons. 

After the scandal, Devaeva had to file a letter of resignation. 

A source of adds that Devaeva had very tense relations with Chairperson of the Dorogomilovsky district court, Olga Bykovskaya. The latter accused her of excessive “independence.” For example, Devaeva did not consult with anyone when deciding to change the measure of restraint to the defendants in the criminal case of Novoe Velichie, Anna Pavlikova and Maria Dubovik. In August 2018, they were transferred from a pre-trial detention center to house arrest, on which the investigation insisted.

Devaeva referred to the fact that at that time, all witnesses in the criminal case had been interrogated, forensic examinations had been appointed, and the health of Pavlikova and Dubovik had deteriorated.

Moreover, as previously reported by the media, Pavlikova and Dubovik could have been released from the pre-trial detention center without the request of the investigation, since by August 2018, the Supreme Court had found errors in the decisions on the arrest of the girls, which had been passed by the lower courts.

To recall, the Novoe Velichie group case caused a wide public response. In March last year, eight members of this group aged 17–19 were detained, who, according to investigators, planned to arrange a coup d'etat in Russia and seize power. They were charged under part 1 and 2 of Art. 282.1 of the Russian Criminal Code (Organizing an Extremist Community and Participation in an Extremist Community). 

The defendants in the case claim it was decided to formalize their friendly meetings in some kind of “organization” at the suggestion of a third-party person who had infiltrated them, who, according to some information, could have been a police officer (from the center “E”) or the FSB.

After the detention, part of the defendants reported tortures, which was subsequently confirmed by the Public Monitoring Commission. One of the so-called “terrorists” wanted to kill himself after the bullying, and another went on a hunger strike. 



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