"Don’t try to scare us with those rallies." CEC head advises opposition to gather on Sakharov Avenue

"Don’t try to scare us with those rallies." CEC head advises opposition to gather on Sakharov Avenue
Ella Pamfilova

Ella Pamfilova says the opposition is being irresponsible.

The head of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, criticized the opposition leaders who are calling on to go to unauthorized rallies while refusing to accept the terms that the authorities proposed – gathering on Sakharov Avenue.

“The responsibility of a politician is to put people first rather than throwing them under the bus, ruining their lives,” said the head of the Central Election Commission.

She added that she is talking about the independent candidates who are calling on their supporters to go to an unauthorized rally. In this regard, Pamfilova believes that nominees for the legislative body, especially young ones, should act more carefully and cautiously.

“We will, to the best of our ability, protect the rights of the candidates. Don’t try to scare us with those rallies. We are actually willing to do things without intimidation,” said the chairperson.

Today, the CEC meeting will consider complaints from the candidates, such as including Lyubov Sobol and Dmitry Gudkov.

Earlier, the Libertarian party announced that it is going to have a protest rally on August 3, with Lubyanka Square as the venue, but the authorities refused, offering a different location to the activists, Sakharov Avenue.

Then, the organizers sent a letter to the mayor's office offering other venues for the rally: Svobodnoy Rossii Square, Volkhonka Street and Triumphalnaya Square. The negotiations were not successful, however. On July 30, after the activists met with city hall officials, one of the Libertarian leaders, Mikhail Svetov, was detained as he was walking out of the city’s administration building, and the libertarians withdrew their application.

The Facebook page of Alexey Navalny’s Moscow headquarters says that on August 3 there is going to be a “Walk along the boulevards” between 2 PM and 5 PM. The protesters will walk from Nikitsky Gate to Novopushkinsky Square, Trubnaya Square, Turgenevskaya Square, and Pokrovsky Gate.

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