Distinguished pillows and candlesticks. Head of VTB spends $2.1 million on interior design

Distinguished pillows and candlesticks. Head of VTB spends $2.1 million on interior design
Andrey Kostin

The customs papers feature 664 items, including pillows worth of 2 million rubles ($30 thousand).

Over the last 4 years, head of the state bank VTB Andrey Kostin has ordered interior design items worth of 140 million rubles ($2.1 million), reports Baza with reference to the data by a portal Import Genius that provides business analysis and analytics for the industry of export and import.

The customs papers feature 664 items, however the total cost of the items was calculated on the basis of the information about 446 items. The value of the rest is not mentioned.

All furniture, topping materials, and accessories were delivered to an apartment located on Moscow’s Leontievsky lane which is indicated as Kostin’s address in Rosneft’s official publications regarding members of the board of directors. Kostin was a member of the board of directors until 2012. The Federal Agency for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography does not have information on this apartment.

There are downy pillows worth of 2 million rubles ($30 thousand), a candlestick worth of 1.4 million rubles ($21 thousand), and marble tops for coating for the facility worth of 2.3 million rubles ($34 thousand) among what Kostin had bought. Besides that, Baza reports about a wall tile in the shape of a fish scale worth of 390 thousand rubles ($5.9 thousand), a towel worth of 288 thousand rubles ($4.3 thousand), as well as a paper printed replica of ornaments worth of 1.1 million rubles ($16 thousand). The delivery document of the latter states that its information does not have calls for carrying out extremist and terrorist activities.

Kostin is reported to order most of the furniture and interior design items from a British architectural bureau Hubert Zandberg Interiors. The company focuses on high-end residential and non-residential projects. The materials for the coating were chosen by a French company Sigebene that “makes your dream project happen.”

The French company delivered the kitchen furniture worth of 2.5 million rubles ($37 thousand), a bath worth 519 thousand rubles ($7.8 thousand), and living rooms worth of 4.8 million rubles ($72 thousand), as well as home decoration wooden materials to the banker’s apartment. Tools for assemblage of furniture were also sent from France.

The metal fitments and security equipment were ordered from a French company Ateliers Gohard that creates “inimitative finishing on the base of braid gold” for major designers (Cartier), hotels (The Ritz Hotel), and historic monuments, including the Statue of Liberty in the U.S.

It is noted that the head of VTB purchased more interior design items that his apartment with an area of 97 square meters located on Leontievsky lane can fit in. Authors of the investigation assume that Kostin furnished a few apartments and a country house with furniture. In particular, one of the delivery documents features 37 ceramic vases worth of more than 4 million rubles ($60 thousand), a garden umbrella worth of 490 thousand rubles ($7.4 thousand), and straw hats.

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