Federal Security Guard Service Director turns out to be most high-paid employee of law enforcement

Federal Security Guard Service Director turns out to be most high-paid employee of law enforcement
Director of the Federal Security Guard Service Dmitry Kochnev

The revenue of Dmitry Kochnev’s family according to the declaration exceeded 49 million rubles.

Among heads of the Federal Security Service (FSB), Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS) and Federal Security Guard Service and also members of their families, following the results of 2016, family director of the FSGS Dmitry Kochenov earned biggest amount of money. Thus, according to declarations published on Friday, April 28, income of the head of the FSGS and his wife has made 49,5 million rubles. And the main contribution was made by his spouse - in 2016 she earned slightly more than 41 million rubles. Moreover, a land plot (2339 sq.m), two houses (the total area of 433,4 sq.m), four apartments (351,7 sq.m), and also two parking places, a canopy, an arbor and a garage are registered to her. Last year the income of madam Kochenova made 58,1 million rubles.

Kochnev's earnings in comparison with the income of his spouse, very modest - 8,5 million rubles. Nevertheless, it is 2,5 times more, than in 2015 when Kochnev was deputy director of the FSGS and directed security service of the president. Kochnev was appointed to a post of the director of the FSGS by decree of the president on May 26, 2016, replacing Evgeny Murov. 

It is noted that in total the management of the FSGS and members of their families declared 86,5 million rubles, at the same time in 2015 they earned 126 million rubles.

At the same time the management of the Foreign Intelligence Service declared 27,6 million rubles, and of the Federal Security Service — 51,8 million rubles. The income of heads of departments remained at the previous level: director of the FSB Aleksander Bortnikov earned 11,3 million rubles, and his colleague from FIS Sergey Naryshkin — 9,5 million rubles. Naryshkin also mentioned the similar sum in 2015 when he was a speaker of the State Duma. He was heading investigation in September, 2016. Bortnikov and Naryshkin — the most high-paid employees in FSB and FIS.



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