Did family of former Governor Tkachev privatize whole Kuban?

Did family of former Governor Tkachev privatize whole Kuban?
Agriculture Minister Aleksandr Tkachev Photo: Andrey Yepikhin / TASS

The gambling zone Krasnaya Polyana, a decree on the creation of which was signed on the eve by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, will operate mainly within the territory of the Gorki Gorod resort which is associated with the family of the Russian Agriculture Minister Aleksandr Tkachev.

According to the numbers of cadastral parcels included in the borders, the main territory of the gambling zone is located on the premises of the Gorki Gorod ski resort, and 0.5 hectares belong to the resort Rosa Khutor.

To open a gaming zone on the territory of the complex Gorki Gorod, which is operated by the company Krasnaya Polyana, was offered to the Russian President Vladimir Putin two years ago by the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

Then, Krasnaya Polyana belonged to Sberbank. In October 2015, the structure of Sberbank sold 96.91% of its share of Krasnaya Polyana to the company Kurort Plus (Resort Plus) for 35 billion rubles. According to the register, 99% of Kurort Plus belongs to Business kurort LLC, 1% - to the former CEO Vadim Trukshin. Until October 2015, Trukshin headed Sochi Park, a company that manages a children's entertainment center in the Krasnaya Polyana.

The composition of the Sochi Park Board of Directors includes the son-in-law of the Minister of Agriculture Aleksandr Tkachev Roman Batalov. Sochi Park, according to his list of affiliated entities as of 30 June 2016, belongs to Krasnodar agro-holding Yug-business partner. The fact that the buyer of Gorki Gorod is connected with the owner of Sochi Park and the people belonging to its Board of Director.

In addition, the Yug-business partner, became the intermediate owner of the agricultural companies Atamanskoye and Krymskaya zernovaya kompaniya (Crimean Grain Company), included in the holding Agrocomplex named after Tkachev.

The boss calls the shots?

Aleksandr Tkachev was the Head of the Krasnodar Territory from 2001 to 2015. From the spring of last year, Tkachev was appointed by the decree of the President Vladimir Putin as the Agriculture Minister. And just a year later, the ex-governor has increased his revenue by 25 times.

The JSC Firma Agrokomplex was established in 1993 during the privatization of the Vyselkovsky inter-farm feed mill, the head of which was Nikolai Tkachev. As a result, the company's CEO chair got occupied by his sons: Aleksandr and Alexey. The shareholder structure is unknown, but it is worth noting that market participants directly connect the owners of Agrocomplex with the family of the Agriculture Minister.

According to the official web-site, the full-cycle agricultural holding includes 60 companies and 600 outlets, which employ more than 24 thousand people. These companies operate in the field of animal husbandry, crop production, poultry farming, feed production, meat processing, storage, logistics and implementation realization of agricultural products.

Net profit of the Vyselkovsky Agrocomplex over the past year amounted to 6,645,393,000 rubles (for comparison, in 2014, it was 4,145,442,000 rubles).

Since 2014, Agrocomplex was actively expanding its land. By the way, it bought 30 000 hectares which was managed by five farms, Ataman, Niva, Trud, Za mir i trud and Zavety Ilyicha, from the company Wimm-Bill-Dann. It was learned that Vyselkovsky agroholding owns a part of the Tsapkov’s empire from Kushchevskaya, namely - 40 000 hectares of the group of companies Sever Kubani. Previously, Sever Kubani belonged to the OCG leader Sergei Tsapok and his colleague Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, and since 2008, a member of the OCG and one of the main participants of Kushchevskaya massacre Vitaly Ivanov became the owner.

A week ago, it has transpired that the firm of the Tkachev family led the ranking of Kuban’s billionaire agricultural holdings. Of the total revenue of 10 major agricultural companies (56.9 billion rubles), the Agrocomplex had 38.69 billion rubles (or 68%). The figure increased by 45.8% compared to 2015.

Aleksandr Tkachev, the Agriculture Minister of the Russian Federation

Александр Ткачев.jpg

According to the declaration published on April 15 on the government website, Aleksandr Tkachev has earned 50,464,315 rubles over the past year significantly increasing his official income (2014 - 2,181,999 rubles).

He owns a land plot to operate a house (1847 sq.m.), two plots for individual housing construction (903.4 and 1165 sq.m.), a house (903.4 sq.m.), a guest house (435.5 sq.m.) and a non-residential building (324.4 sq.m.).

In addition, the ex-governor of Kuban rents two plots (999 and 9671 square meters), and shares an apartment of 202.3 sq.m. with his wife.

The residential building of 903.4 sq.m. is located in the heart of the capital of Kuban on Komsomolskaya Street in front of the FSB building. Once upon a time, this place was a pre-school institution, which by the end of the first term of the governor Tkachev was converted into a residence.

Ольга Ткачева.jpg

Olga Tkacheva, spouse

The wife of the former governor of Kuban over the past year has earned 6,004,200 rubles (in 2014 - 5,227,340 rubles). The declaration on the government website does not include the winery of Chateau de Tal located in Gelendzhik, belonging to her fully and indicated in the reports on income and property for the past years.

Tatiana Batalova, daughter

The eldest daughter of Aleksandr Tkachev, over the past year earned a revenue of 12,105,713 rubles (in 2014 - 3,756,860 rubles). She owns three plots of land for individual housing construction (640, 1200 and 5020 sq.m.), two areas "for individual housing construction for recreational purposes” (155 and 2440 sq.m.), a plot for farming purposes (4506 sq.m.) and a land plot "to protect the land from the effects of negative phenomena" (3680 sq.m), also she has a residential house (492 sq.m.), a house for the staff (492.8 sq.m.), an apartment (34, 5 sq.m.), half of the shares in three apartments, a non-residential building (1106 sq. m.), a parking space and two sheds. She shares a house of ​​903.4 sq.m. with her husband and two children. Today, Tatiana Batalov owns 99.99% of the company Kubansky bekon (Kuban Bacon).

Roman Batalov, son-in-law

The Deputy of the Legislative Assembly, the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Property and Land Relations.

Alexander Tkachev’s son-in-law’s official income over the past year amounted to 3,052,711 rubles (in 2014 - 1,251,887 rubles). He owns a land plot for individual housing construction (19 237 sq.mю) and private farms (1 200 sq. m.), two apartments (107.3 and 111.5 sq.m.), half of the shares in three apartments (118, 150 and 202 sq.m.), as well as parking facilities (19.7 and 21.9 sq.m.). He shares a house of 903.4 sq.m with his wife. Compared with the declaration of 2015, the car Porsche Cayenne Turbo completely disappeared from it.

Алексей Ткачев.jpg

Alexey Tkachev, brother

The State Duma Deputy, the member of the Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology.

The Minister’s brother Alexey Tkachev has declared an income of 4,909,181 rubles in the past year. He also owns two plots of land for a residential house (682 and 962 sq. m.), as well as an apartment of 102.60 sq. m. The whole property is located on the territory of the Russian Federation. His wife with an income of 6,689,043 rubles is the owner of an apartment (78.1 sq.m.), two garages (21.3 and 22 sq.m.) and land plots (26 and 34 sq. m.). Alexey Tkachev enjoys the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150, his wife prefers Mercedes Benz GL 350.

Anastasia Cruttly, niece

These days, she runs the company Leto (Summer) (preparation of a construction site), the Osen (Autumn) LLC (crop, combined with animal husbandry) and the Agrocomplect LLC (storage and warehousing). She is the co-owner of the RCK and Rasschetny Centre Kubani (Kuban Settlement Center)LLCs, as well as of the dacha non-commercial partnership Victoria.

Nikolay Tkachev, nephew

The son of the State Duma Deputy Alexey Tkachev is the owner of Krasnodarzemagro, co-owner of Leto and Osen, Kristall-Agro LLC, Kubansky agroteplichny kombinat LLC, Metallurg LLC and Chateau Utrish.

"What is our life - the game"?

According to the experts, the gambling zone on the territory of Tkachev’s clan is just a gold mine. The only question is whether the Kremlin will continue to tolerate the "Kuban khanate" of the Agriculture Minister? And whether this family business would be of interest to the security forces?



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