Deputy Zheleznyak promised to return his daughters to Russia after gradutation 

Deputy Zheleznyak promised to return his daughters to Russia after  gradutation

Blogger Aleksey Navalny's post on Edinaya Rossiya Deputy Sergey Zheleznyak's daughters has caused a reaction from the Deputy.

On his Facebook page, he has commented on the Anti-Corruption Foundation's investigation, which had been carried out using their public profiles on social networks.

Zheleznyak noted that the fact his elder daughters, who had obtained school education in Moscow, continue their education abroad, is no secret to anyone, and said that his daughter Nastya is already preparing for thesis defense. After completing their studies, the girls will come back and realize themselves in Russia, Zheleznyak emphasized, so the allegations regarding their non-return are groundless.

The Aleksey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation had previously reminded Zheleznyak, known for his anti-Western rhetoric, of his promise to return his daughters from the UK after they complete their studies.

Let us recall that in 2012, the State Duma Deputy from Edinaya Rossiya party Sergey Zheleznyak promised that after studying abroad his children would return to Russia and serve their country. Anastasia MacClimont, nee Zheleznyak, a graduate of Queen Mary University in London who is currently getting her master's degree, will soon obtain the right to British citizenship. Zheleznyak's other daughter, Elizaveta, has graduated from an English high school and is working as an illustrator in London.

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