Deputy Poklonskaya smoked out her elite watch $5800-worth

Deputy Poklonskaya smoked out her elite watch $5800-worth
Natalia Poklonskaya

The Internet community is outraged by the indecently expensive accessory of the former Crimean prosecutor.⁠

Another Internet scandal occurred because of the photos on which the State Duma deputy Natalia Poklonskaya was nailed of wearing very expensive watches. Luxury watches Rolex Oyster Perpetual cost about 300 thousand rubles ($5800). Users are outraged that the woman, being a State Duma deputy, allows herself to wear an accessory equal to the annual salary of the majority of Russians.

"Any Russian can afford this watch on credit for 5 years," bloggers bitterly joke.


According to official information, the monthly salary of a State Duma deputy is 420 thousand rubles ($7300). This does not give reason to blame the former prosecutor for corruption or illegal enrichment, but Internet users think this watch's wearing is at least unethical. It's not good to emphasize your high position with the help of elite things, believe in the network.

The absurd of this situation is that Poklonskaya heads a special commission in the State Duma that controls the reliability of information on the incomes and property of parliamentarians.

Natalia Poklonskaya earned her reputation as a devout person and a convinced patriot for her bright career. It was she who led the campaign against the scandalous film Matilda.



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