Deputies Kobzon and Zhupikov most often absent from State Duma meetings

Deputies Kobzon and Zhupikov most often absent from State Duma meetings
State Duma deputies Alexander Valuev and Iosif Kobzon

Marat Safin and Alexander Karelin from Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia) share second place in the ranking of absentees. The most disciplined were members of parliament factions KPRF and LDPR.

Virtually every member of the lower house of the Russian Parliament passes the Duma session from time to time, RBC found. According to a study conducted by the edition, representatives of the Edinaya Rossiya, especially artists, athletes and wealthy businessmen are absent most often. Deputies of the faction of LDPR and the Communist Party pass much less. However, the penalty for truancy is not discharged to anyone - any missing presented evidence – for justifiable reasons.

It is noted that the lower house of Parliament of the seventh convocation held 24 meetings. Most of all missed Iosif Kobzon and Alexander Zhupikov - they missed 11 meetings. However, as a source familiar with the situation told RBC, the singer is very sick, but when he attends meetings as possible. With regard to Zhupikov, he took a leave of absence. Edinaya Rossiya athletes Alexander Karelin and Marat Safin share second place - they missed 9 meetings. The first was on sick leave, the second - on vacation. Deputies with high declared income are not in good standing: from Edinaya Rossiya - Nikolai Borzov (seven passes), Anton Zharkov (six passes), Andrey Skoch (six), Andrey Palkin (five) and Spravedlivaya Rossiya members - Alexander Remezkov (seven), Alexey Chepa (eight).

By the way, one of the richest State Duma deputies (Forbes estimated his fortune at $ 2.3 billion) Alexander Skorobogatko hastened to surrender his mandate at the end of November. Most likely, the media wrote, due to tighter control of attendance.

We add that the amount of the fine for truancy is 60 thousand rubles.



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