Department of Presidential Affairs’ heads of food plant and capital construction earn the most money

Department of Presidential Affairs’ heads of food plant and capital construction earn the most money
Aleksandr Kolpakov

Aleksandr Kolpakov’s subordinates have declared property in Ukraine, Spain, and the UAE.

The Department of Presidential Affairs have published tax returns of government officials for 2017. Last-year record holder Oleg Perlin, Head of the Main Directorate of Capital Construction, turned out to be the richest of all, earning 71.44 million rubles ($1.148 million). However, his income has decreased; in 2016, the official made almost 105 million rubles ($1.687).

In second place come Director General of Kremlevsky Food Plant Aleksandr Meshchansky; his wife and he made about 109 million rubles ($1.752 million, 51, 69 million rubles and 57.1 million rubles, respectively). A year ago, the wife of the food plant head earned 82.16 million rubles ($1.320 million), while he made only 1.59 million rubles ($25,560). The Meshchansky family owns an apartment with an area of 185.3 sq.m in the United Arab Emirates, as well as а country house, a plot of land, an apartment, and a car place (without a car) in Russia.

The very Head of the Department of Presidential Affairs, Aleksandr Kolpakov made 22.65 million rubles ($364,121) in 2017, which is 1.5 million rubles ($24,114) more than last year. Inna Kolpakova's income this time exceeded 27 million rubles ($434,052; a year ago, she indicated 30.24 million rubles or $486,138 in the declaration).

Director General of Bor Health Complex Georgy Kolupaev, whose income was 23.19 million rubles ($372,802), has outrun the Department of Presidential Affairs head. He owns a plot of land, a garage, and a Mercedes Benz, while his wife’s (who made 1.1 million rubles or $17,683) property includes a Toyota Lexus; in addition, both spouses have an apartment in use.

Head of the Repair and Construction Department FSUE (the general contractor of the Kremlin construction projects) Vyacheslav Gostev has seven plots of land; his wife has two more (a total of about 1.9 hectares). The income of the spouses was 2.6 million rubles ($41,797) and 864 thousand rubles ($13,889), respectively. Gostev’s car park includes a Volkswagen; his wife has a Fiat, a Peugeot, and a Mercedes truck with a Notebom trailer. Each of them also own a townhouse (196 and 173 sq.m respectively) in Spain. The Department of Presidential Affairs Spokeswoman Elena Krylova also owns an apartment in Spain (2.4 million rubles or $38,582).

The husband of Head Physician at Poliklinika No. 5 FSBI Elena Aleksandrova turned out to be a big landowner (the spouses made 1 million and 2.8 million rubles or $16,076 and $45,012, respectively) — he owns seven plots and a half in another three plots with a total area of about 7.6 hectares.



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