Denis Davydov may replace Neverov as head of United Russia's General Council

Denis Davydov may replace Neverov as head of United Russia's General Council
Denis Davydov

Sergey Neverov, who currently holds the position of head of the United Russia's General Council, has acquired an opponent in the upcoming elections.

He may be replaced by Head of Young Guard of the United Russia Denis Davydov. Election of a new head is to be held at the end of this week, on January 21-22, during a party congress.

According to party representatives, at the moment Sergey Neverov has every chance to be re-elected as the head. However, in accordance with the United Russia's party charter, at least two candidates should participate in the election of the General Council Secretary. At the same time, the charter allows both candidates nominated by the party members and self-nominated candidates to participate in the elections. Denis Davydov is a member of the General Council Presidium.

As reported by RBC citing its source in the ruling party, today there is a preliminary agreement on Davydov's participation in the elections. However, he may be not the only competitor to Neverov. It is possible that one of the heads of the United Russia's regional branches will also join the struggle for this position.

According to Neverov, the Secretary election will be held tomorrow, January 22. "First, the general council will be elected, and then will be nomination for the post of Secretary. Let's see which members of the General Council will be nominated," he added.

It is noteworthy that, in Denis Davydov's words, he is not aware he lays claim to being Secretary. "I have not received any proposals," he told the media.



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