Demeshin is taken for: Oleg Kamshilov becomes new Prosecutor of Crimea 

Demeshin is taken for: Oleg Kamshilov becomes new Prosecutor of Crimea
Crimean Prosecutor Oleg Kamshilov Photo: TASS

The intrigue surrounding the Crimean Prosecutor's Office remained from the moment when Natalia Poklonskaya had left the office in autumn 2016.

The MPs of the Crimean Parliament approved the candidacy of the Third Class State Councilor of Justice Oleg Kamshilov to the position of the Prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea. The decision was made today at an extraordinary meeting of MPs of the Crimean State Council.

As the CrimeRussia reported previously, on the eve, Kamshilov’s candidacy for the post of the Head of the supervisory authority in Crimea was offered by Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

The Deputy Prosecutor General Leonid Korzhinek read the recommendation regarding Kamshilov’s appointment, describing him as "a qualified and professionally competent manager" capable of ensuring the Crimean Prosecutor's activities in accordance with the necessary requirements.

Deputy Prosecutor General Leonid Korzhinek

Korzhinek stressed that the most important priority for the supervisory authority of Crimea is the protection of social rights of citizens. As the second important area the ​​Deputy Prosecutor General highlighted the legitimacy of use of budget funds, which the republic receives for development.

In addition, such things as the protection of public order, the preservation of the unique nature of Crimea and historical monuments, the creation of conditions for fair competition in the economy and respect for the equality of rights of representatives of business applying for state support were emphasized.

It is to be recalled that the position of the Crimean Prosecutor has been vacant since September 2016, since former Prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya was elected to the State Duma. The Acting Prosecutor at this time was her Deputy Andrey Fomin.

According to the CrimeRussia, earlier, to the position of the Prosecutor in the perspective region, in the development of the economy of which the state currently invests billions, Head of the Prosecutor General’s Office’s Directorate for the military-industrial complex Dmitry Demeshin aspired. Demeshin is a close friend of the son of the Prosecutor General Artem Chaika and a good friend of Natalia Poklonskaya’s husband, federal inspector of the President’s plenipotentiary representative’s office in the Crimean Federal District Andrey Krasilnikov


Dmitry Demeshin

Prosecutor Demeshin, according to the CrimeRussia, is indirectly involved in a number of corruption scandals, but thanks to the connections in the management of the Prosecutor General’s Office, he manages to stay in the top positions.

Apart from him, a likely candidate for the post of the Crimean Prosecutor was Deputy Prosecutor of the Moscow region Oleg Manakov, whose reputation is also not perfect. It is known that when Manakov was the Head of the Krasnogorsk Prosecutor’s Office a few years ago, he was closely associated with 'Krasnogorsk shooter' Amiran Giorgadze. In October 2015, the businessman shot four people, among whom there were Deputy Mayor of Krasnogorsk Yuri Karaulov and Head of the Krasnogorskoye predpriyatiye elektrosetey (Krasnogorsk grids enterprise) Georgy Kotlyarenko, and then committed suicide.

As a result, the two possible candidates were left without positions in the Crimea, and it was taken by the Siberian Oleg Kamshilov, who formerly was the first Deputy Prosecutor of the city of Omsk, and before the appointment to the post in Crimea, he held the post of the First Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow.



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