Daughter of Putin’s spokesman makes Instagram post on Paris rallies

Daughter of Putin’s spokesman makes Instagram post on Paris rallies
Dmitry Peskov and his daughter Liza

Liza Peskova says there is a line between peaceful protesters and aggressive ones.

The daughter of the Russian president’s press secretary made a post on the French rallies saying that her father was right in his assessment of what was happening there. In particular, she recalled the spokesperson’s statement about the “squashed liver” of an oppositionist in revenge “for the wounded riot policeman”.

Being in Paris at the time when the protests and riots are sweeping the city, she says both sides are to blame. However, there are some instigators who deserve a special punishment. There may be more of them than there are of peaceful protesters, and they turn a normal protest into chaos and violence.

Liza also noted that the authorities should not give citizens “unfulfillable promises”, and the people should not pin unrealizable hopes on the state. If the rule is executed, there will be no disagreements.

Ilya Ponomarev, a former State Duma deputy and opposition leader, attributed the controversial statement to Dmitry Peskov during the 2012 protests on Bolotnaya Square, which ended in clashes with riot police. The statement read: “the livers of the protesters should be squashed on the asphalt for the wounded riot policeman”.

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