Dark period reigns in the St. Petersburg Interior Ministry 

Dark period reigns in the St. Petersburg Interior Ministry
Who is next? Photo: The CrimeRussia

The appointment of the St.Petersburg Ministry of Internal Affairs Head was delayed. The candidacy of a possible replacement of General Umnov, Colonel Ilyin, is questionable. The other three candidates are also complicated. Each of them is supported by a significant political figure. Which of the applicants has more chances to occupy one of the key power positions in the Northern capital? The CrimeRussia will find out.

Transfer difficulties

After the transfer of General Sergey Umnov to the new position of Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kolokoltsev was revealed, departments began to discuss who would be the successor actively. The name of Colonel Ilyin sounded. According to sources, the deputy head of the presidential administration, Sergey Kiriyenko, allegedly supported him. The vigorous statements that “St. Petersburg is waiting for Colonel Ilyin” have already calmed down. As they say, the documents sent to the presidential administration have returned. The official version - there was no consensus on this candidate.

Unofficial sources, however, claim that the identity of Colonel Mikhail Ilyin was controversial from the very beginning, given his nature and the particular manner of leadership.


Mikhail Ilyin was born on May 19, 1968 in Leningrad. Police Colonel Mikhail Ilyin holds the position of Deputy Chief of Police for the Leningrad region from March 2014. Since 2012, Ilyin has been engaged in economic security. He became famous in the press with a loud statement: “If earlier 50% were abducted from the budget, today corrupt officials appropriate 80% of state funds.” Prior to this, Ilyin had fought extremism, leading the St. Petersburg center E.

Hints of an unexpected turn in the career of the Colonel appeared in November of last year when Ilyin was appointed to the post of Acting Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Leningrad region. Many thought it was a notice that in the future he would receive the General's shoulder straps. Officers oversee those whom Sergey Umnov singled out during statements — General of Police Konstantin Vlasov or Colonel Ilyin. Then the inclusion of the latter in the personnel federal reserve raised new rumors. However, today the process of triumphant accession of the Colonel in the chair of the St. Petersburg central board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has slowed down. The reasons for the termination of a career are different. Sources say that his candidacy is not approved by Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev. The operational information from the FSB to this applicant does not meet the high requirements of management.


Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev

They talk a lot about rudeness, arrogance and the peculiar methods of work of Mikhail Ilyin. This is how his leadership reacted when he oversaw the work of the 18 departments for combating terrorism and extremism. “Thank you for not planting,” said the staff, hastily leaving the ranks of his subordinates. However, as the olders of the department say, controversial and sometimes ugly stories are the normal situation for Colonel Ilyin: “He’s from surveillance service. They have all the means to achieve the goal. They are ‘direct’ in the approach to solving problems with shrewdness.”

Ilyin does not like citizens too. Many still remember his participation in a meeting with businessmen and deputies in 2016. As the participants of the event wrote in blogs, Ilyin heated the situation from the very beginning, saying that he would not listen to the deputies, he would only communicate with businessmen. The discussion immediately ceased to be diplomatic. All businessmen’s complaints about the harshness of police checks faced Ilyin: “Mind your own business! If you don't like something, go to court, appeal."


Mikhail Ilyin 

Also, the Colonel is beset with wrong rumors. For example, in 2012, entrepreneurs of the Moscow district of St. Petersburg groaned from the insolent pressure of certain Alexander Mikhailov, a representative of the Militia Brotherhood - a public association of former police officers, veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and current employees. He worked for law enforcement agencies for about 20 years and was dismissed from the Control and Audit Department of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of St. Petersburg in 2009 for absenteeism. In 2012, he actively tried to impose merger services on entrepreneurs. His primary emphasis in the negotiations was the high-ranking brother, Police Colonel Mikhail Ilyin. Whether these people were in any relationship, or retired officer Mikhailov simply blatantly used the name of the deputy chief of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - a question that has no answer. Perhaps, the documents submitted to the administration contain more extensive information about Colonel Ilyin, which slowed down his appointment. But this does not mean that politicians lobbying for his (and their) interests will not try to push his candidacy back.

One Two Three

The residents of the building on 50-52, Suvorovskiy Street, where the State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region is located would like to be under the reign of General of Police Konstantin Vlasov. For his candidacy, as they say, Minister Kolokoltsev strongly advocates. This provokes a conflict of interest between the two deputies. Vlasov has everything for this: respect for subordinates, smooth relations with colleagues from related departments, the location in the city of leadership and dominant performance. Vlasov is one of those individuals who, having occupied a particular position in the town, could become key figures in the political horizon. In the situation with the appointment of Vlasov, there is only one controversial point - candidate health. Currently, Konstantin Vlasov is on sick leave. Whether the General will be able to improve his health is also a big question.


Konstantin Vlasov

The next candidate is purer. The head of the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 44-year-old police Colonel Alexander Travnikov, a native Leningrad citizen, is a strong operative who has gone through the entire police career from a simple agent to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Central District. According to rumors, he didn’t like the idea of taking such an honorary position. After all, he received his current appointment on June 4, 2018. According to sources, the Colonel is not yet inclined to accept a new job offer.


Alexander Travnikov

The last candidate now serves in Karelia. 54-year-old Major-General Dmitry Sergeev graduated from the law school of the Leningrad Zhdanov University and began his work in the police as a simple operative. He now holds the position of Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Karelia. He is a powerful servant, and, Dmitry Medvedev supports him. The St. Petersburg State University employees are not enthusiastic about the ‘new Varyag,’ as it is now called.


Dmitry Sergeev

Generals’ Solitaire

Despite the fact that the election of the Governor of St. Petersburg is coming and the city needs Head of the Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry, Moscow has not yet reached a common opinion about any of the mentioned candidates. Colonel Ilyin is a too controversial figure; he loves to punish. Also, none of the inhabitants of the building on Suvorovskiy may set before the picture of how Umnov’s deputies in the ranks of the generals go "for signature" to the Colonel. “This is a move, a violation of the chain of command,” they say in the head office, and Ilyin may get the rank of General by November 10, the Day of Militia. Vlasov improves health, Travnikov is not ready.

There is one crucial nuance. St. Petersburg will not tolerate a stranger with his team. This was proven by the story of General Sukhodolsky. As many remember, it almost came to a real riot and armed confrontation. The high Moscow ranks do not need a repeat of events at all. Especially on the eve of the politically essential elections in the northern capital. Thus, there is also an apparent conflict of interest. The General appointed from another subject of the federation who came to power will bring his team of trusted subordinates. Deputy for operational work Strelin and deputy for CID (criminal search) Paradeev may lose their post. Both have potent connections, support, and love of subordinates. In other words, no one will surrender without a fight. Other leaders will slow down the intervention of new superiors in their affairs by all means.

Therefore, today, high-level leadership faces a difficult task - to appoint such a candidate, which would satisfy both the central board, political circles, and Smolny. Therefore, as sources say, all of the above candidates may remain in the shadow. The successor may be unexpected.



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