Court accepted claim of Igor Sechin to Novaya Gazeta on protection of honor and dignity

Court accepted claim of Igor Sechin to Novaya Gazeta on protection of honor and dignity
Igor Sechin demands to remove the investigation about a yacht

The Head of Rosneft demands to eliminate the circulation of Novaya Gazeta with material about yacht.

The Basmanny Court of Moscow will begin pre-trial preparation for the suit of Igor Sechin till 8 September 2016.

The reason that forced Igor Sechin to go to court, was an investigation of the journalist of Novaya Gazeta, named “ Secret of Princess Olga. How the Head of Rosneft Igor Sechin is associated with one of the most luxurious yachts in the world?”, published on August 1 this year. After analyzing the images of Igor Sechin’s wife, Olga, in social networks, Novaya Gazeta has come to the conclusion that she spent a long time, relaxing on the yacht St. Princess Olga. Reporters came to the conclusion that Sechin rented boat for resting of his wife (the sum of the weekly rental of this class vessel starts at 1 million dollars) or bought a yacht, which costs at least 100 million dollars. Recall that the monthly income of the Head of PJSC Rosneft estimated at 15-20 million rubles.

The fact, that the Head of the PJSC Rosneft submited an application for the protection of honor and dignity to the court, was the report of the press service of the company. August 16, 2016 Olga Sechina sent a statement of claim with the requirement to destroy all copies of Novaya Gazeta, dated August 1, 2016, and to delete the text from the publication site. According to Sechina’s lawyers, the author of the material Roman Anin and the Chief editor Dmitry Muratov had violated the privacy right of Olga Sechina. However, the court upheld the claim without movement due to a number of mistakes that the plaintiff should eliminate until 31 August.

In turn, Dmitry Muratov said that the newspaper welcomes any proceedings in court, as the most civilized way of resolving conflicts.



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