County mogul. At whose expense deputy Khairov’s daughter buys up British real estate? 

County mogul. At whose expense deputy Khairov’s daughter buys up British real estate?
Where does Elsina Khairova get money for such luxury? Photo: The CrimeRussia

The daughter of State Duma deputy Rinat Khairov bought one of the most expensive mansions in the British county of Surrey. The news of the purchase hit the biggest English media, hinting at the vague origin of money in possession of self-described as model Elsina Khairova. The deputy father and husband-businessman volunteered to explain everything, but immediately got confused in their own words.

While Roman Abramovich was still wondering whether to sell FC Chelsea, a major realtor deal was closed in the British county of Surrey. With a discount of 7 million euros, the most luxurious county mansion, which cost the buyer 22 million euros, was sold. Similar transactions in Surrey cannot be called a rarity – the county has long been chosen by world celebrities who periodically buy and sell local masterpieces of architecture. But the mentioned purchase later blew up the English press.  

Foggy Elsinore

Surprise and then the indignation of the Englishmen was caused by the fact that the mansion in Surrey was purchased not by any Abramovich’s neighbor on the list of Forbes, but by the daughter of the inconspicuous State Duma deputy Rinat Khairov Elsina. Elsina Khairova calls herself a model, but now she emphasizes her other role – a mother of two children, who has time to attend many social events in England.  

Rinat Khairov

State Duma deputy Rinat Khairov

The Daily Mail, which is accustomed to relish the purchases of celebrities, learning about the new inhabitant of the county of Surrey, set off in full detail to describe the truly royal apartments of the model, who they did not know before. A snow-white mansion, spread over 1 hectare of land with an impeccable English lawn, deserves the eulogy created on it. However, 10 bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool, a spa, a private cinema, and a huge underground parking have strangely affected journalists, turning the report of the gossip column into a real investigation. The inquisitive minds of our British colleagues are occupied with the only question: Where did Elsina Khairova get money for such luxury?  


Elsina Khairova

The question is quite natural, considering that only three years ago they wrote about the sale of the mansion Lodsbridge Mill, where there was also a beautiful pool, and a spa, and other delights of bourgeois life. The only thing is that it cost 3 million pounds (or 3.37 million euros), and it was put on sale by shining on the world's catwalks Natalya Vodyanova. The daughter of deputy Khairov was not found on the same catwalks or Vogue covers, but it was worthless to calculate the sevenfold difference in the cost of housing. It was not difficult to find out that a few months before this purchase, Elsina Khairova got an apartment in London for 10 million pounds.  








A fashionable apartment near the London department store Harrods aroused curiosity among the countrymen of Sherlock Holmes. However, the model Elsina Khairova, little known in the world of big fashion, was not ready for the glory that fell on her. Her father Rinat Khairov and husband Dmitry Tsvetkov rushed in vain to explain the origin of her wealth. They were in such a hurry that they did not even call each other before they talked to the press, and did not have time to check the clock, so to speak. The son-in-law and the father-in-law agreed in only one thing – a modest deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation has nothing to do with it.  

Version No. 1. No Criminality 

If Dmitry Tsvetkov used the universal formula of Vitaly Mutko, he could save face in the eyes of his countrymen. This, of course, means the British, in whose ranks Tsvetkov got into a year after his marriage to Elsina Khairova. But over 10 years of living in England, Tsvetkov has completely overcome the language barrier and gave a detailed commentary. According to Tsvetkov, he took a huge mortgage (when registering real estate Elsina Khairova actually indicated the loan of a private Swiss bank EFG), which will cost him 600 thousand pounds annually. Tsvetkov did not specify how many years he will have to pay for it. But he added that he still has money left. Tsvetkov and his wife are going to spend that money to strengthen the exterior lighting of the mansion, where his family plans to rest every weekend.  

Elsina Khairova with husband

Elsina Khairova with husband

No sooner had the readers sympathized to Tsvetkov with the mortgage, how he completely destroyed the confiding atmosphere of his story. In Russia, he had already called the purchase of the house "purely investment," and the mansion itself was described as unfinished. Photos of the mansion say the opposite, which caused new suspicions. Tsvetkov could not explain the essence of his business clearly, vaguely describing himself as a specialist in corporate mergers and acquisitions, as well as solving business conflicts. We are sure that together with the Russian origin this self-presentation made an indelible impression on the British public.  


In reality, Dmitry Tsvetkov's business does not look so threatening. According to rumors, Tsvetkov began to try himself in business, having hardly finished the Leningrad State University (now St. Petersburg State University). However, nothing promised English counties in that business. Everything changed after the wedding with Elsina Khairova in 2009. A year later, Dmitry Tsvetkov receives a British passport, and one of the companies he created before finds a new life. In 2011, the company Novel St. Petersburg carefully transferred to the mother starts receiving loads of state contracts. In seven years Novel St. Petersburg, headed by Tatyana Tsvetkova, earned over 20.7 million rubles ($310,000) only from the state contracts. Assuming that Tsvetkova saved up money to help son get a roof over his head in the UK, we convert this amount into euros. It turns out as 263,300 euros – at best it would be enough for an underground parking in the mansion of Elsina Khairova.

Version No. 2. Elementary, my dear Watson! 

Perhaps the parents of a happy British couple decided to help the children together? In the end, Rinat Khairov is not only a deputy of the State Duma. At various times he occupied prominent posts in the largest banks of Tatarstan. Most often, mentions of Khairov’s name remind of the notorious Intechbank and Tatfondbank. Among the shareholders of Intechbank there was an insurance company NASCO affiliated with Khairov. It was NASCO who left the bank's shareholders on the eve of the revocation of the license and the subsequent charges of withdrawing funds for 1 billion rubles ($15.1 mln). In Tatfondbank Rinat Khairov also occupied a prominent position, for a while he even headed the bank's board. When the Central Bank fixed the withdrawal of funds from Tatfondbank, evil tongues and offended depositors even talked about the fact that the firms related to Khairov were involved in this. The total amount of funds withdrawn from Tatfondbank and Intechbank was estimated at 15 billion rubles ($226 mln).  

Rinat Khairov

Rinat Khairov

We, assuming the father's help to Elsina Khairova, will rely solely on official data. The declared income of Rinat Khairov for all the years of his deputy activity was a little more than 300 million rubles or 3.8 million euros at the current rate. This would be enough to redeem the once owned by Vodyanova Lodsbridge Mill, but the house of the famous supermodel would seem too ascetic for Elsina Khairova. It’s not enough for us, for the counts. 

The last option remains – Elsina earned money for the mansion herself. But how? Not seen on the world's catwalks, covers of magazines Elsina Khairova was "found" in the register of commercial companies in the UK. She acts as co-owner of TAG-IT (UK) Ltd. In the constituent documents, Elsina Khairova, describing the nature of her occupation, calls herself an investor. The second owner of TAG-IT is British Hegir Advisory Limited, which, in turn, is fully controlled by TAG-IT (UK) Ltd. This tripartite alliance hints that both companies are under the direct control of Elsina Khairova. But in the British press you will not hear about them, they spoke about Hegir Advisory Limited exclusively in Russia. And, strangely enough, in the context of the withdrawal of funds abroad. 

In 2011, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was puzzled for the first time by the creation of domestic drones. The corresponding state order did not keep itself waiting. A tender worth 1 billion rubles ($15.1 mln), in which the world-famous MiG Corporation participated, was won by the unknown Development Design Bureau Sokol (now the Research and Production Association Experimental Design Bureau named after M.Simonov). The contract was concluded two years later. Since then, the amount of financing has risen to 3 billion rubles ($45.3 mln), and the remotely piloted vehicle itself is not available until now. But there is a criminal case, according to which the director of the DDB Sokol Alexander Gomzin is accused of embezzling 900 million rubles ($13.6 mln) and the audit of the Accouns Chamber, found that 493 million rubles ($7.5 mln) under the contract of subcontracting went to the company Miltek. IMiltek did not render any services to the design bureau, but it helped to transfer 490 million rubles ($7.5 mln) to Hegir Advisory Limited accounts so that the investor Elsina Khairova found a better implementation for this money. 

It is not out of place here to remind that Rinat Khairov was an adviser to the Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, and also headed the State Duma Defense Committee until the end of 2016. In this connection, it becomes more and more obvious how a certain DDB Sokol from Tatarstan could bypass the MiG corporation at the contest. In the same 2011, the Experimental Design Bureau named after Simonov won another tender – for the development of the operational and tactical unmanned aerial and airborne launch system Zenica (Eye). In the development of a system, which still was not revealed to the world, another 800 million rubles ($12 mln) were lost. In total, the money stolen on the development of a drone and the declared income of Khairov would be enough to buy the estate in the county of Surrey. By the way, Rinat Khairov also has a second daughter, who must be taken off to the countess as well. Daily Mail reporters are already in anticipation.




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