Cossacks get $529.800-grant for prevention of vagrancy

Cossacks get $529.800-grant for prevention of vagrancy
Cossacks at the rally on May 5

The Prosecutor's Office responded to the request of the State Duma deputy on the funds allocated.

The Moscow Prosecutor's Office has found out the purpose of the $529.800-grant, allocated to the Cossacks by the Moscow government.

The funds will be spent on prevention of vagrancy and begging, and provide social support and assistance to the homeless, the Prosecutor's Office stated in response to a corresponding request from State Duma deputy Valery Ryashkin.

Representatives of the supervisory authority stressed that the Cossacks did not receive budgetary funds and were not hired to break up the protesters.

Previously, the media suggested that the grant was allocated to the Cossacks that dispersed an unsanctioned rally on May 5 on Pushkin Square under the "He is not our king" slogan.

However, an hour before the action, activists of the National Liberation Movement and Cossacks with whips came to the square; they often attack the protesters. As a result, one of these Cossacks with a strap was detained by the police for hooliganism, for which the court then fined him 1000 rubles.



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