Convicted ex-Governor heads Regionbiznesproekt

Convicted ex-Governor heads Regionbiznesproekt
Vasily Yurchenko

Vasily Yurchenko took the post of the Regionbiznesproekt managing company deputy director.

The former Head of the Novosibirsk region became deputy general director in one of MetallService structures – Regionbiznesproekt managing company, TASS reports.

As the former official told the agency, he will oversee the development of companies that are part of MetallService in Siberia and the Far East. We are talking about the metallurgical plant named after Kuzmin in Novosibirsk and six other enterprises.

Recall that in October last year Yurchenko received three years suspended for abuse of official powers. The court found that Yurchenko caused damage to GazTransCom company in the amount of 14 million rubles ($220.500) and Novosibirsk region for 4.3 million rubles. The former Governor did not admit his guilt.

Yurchenko headed the region from 2010 to 2014, after the initiation of the case, he was dismissed by President Vladimir Putin "in connection with the loss of confidence."



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