Company of Yakunin's friend becomes Russian Railways largest supplier

Company of Yakunin's friend becomes Russian Railways largest supplier
Vladimir Yakunin

Over the year, Vladimir Vasiliev’s companies got contracts from Russian Railways worth 19 billion rubles ($330m) in total.

The companies run by the St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Vasiliev have been among the largest suppliers of the Russian Railways in 2017, Vedomosti reported. R-Industriya Corporation used to work with the Russian Railways in the past, but it has never been among the largest suppliers before. Now, Vladimir Vasiliev’s corporation ranks 3rd on Russian Railways’ suppliers list.

Vedomosti wrote that Vasiliev was a friend of Vladimir Yakunin, the former Russian Railways CEO. After the leadership changed, it was assumed that Vasiliev's companies would have difficulties obtaining major contracts. Indeed, no major contract came from Russian Railways in 2016, but by 2017 the situation changed completely. Transyuzhstroy (run by Yuri Reylyan, former Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing) gave a "substantial part of the contract" to Vasiliev. The total value of the contracts amounted to 15.5 billion rubles ($269m). R-Industriya then received some more contracts from the monopolist.

When asked why a quarter of Transyuzhstroy’s portfolio was given to Vasiliev, the former official replied that he had not been choosing among the candidates and Vasiliev won in an open competition.

Vladimir Vasiliev’s R-Industriya Corporation now ranks 3rd on Russian Railways’s largest suppliers list, after Transmashholding, the diesel and electric locomotives supplier run by Andrei Bokarev and Iskander Makhmudov (29 billion rubles or $500m worth of contracts) and 1520 Group owned by Alexei Krapivin and his partners (22 billion rubles or $380m worth of contracts).



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