Clan village of Samara Governor Merkushkin found in Rublevskoe

Clan village of Samara Governor Merkushkin found in Rublevskoe

The Anti-Corruption Foundation has published a new video, in which it told about the luxury real estate of the Samara Governor Nikolay Merkushkin, or rather, his entourage, found not far from Rublevo – Uspenskoe highway in the Moscow region.

According to Alexey Navalny, the famous by his absurd statements Governor, who headed Mordovia for more than 17 years, built up a settlement for the family in the suburbs.

In the Merkushkin Clan there are old, proven over the years friends on the leadership of Mordovia and new colleagues, officials of the Samara region. However, they chose to build dachas not in native regions, but in the elite district of Moscow region, closer to the people of his circle.


Photo: From right to left - built mansions of Alexey Merkushkin and his partner Alexander Muravyov and Andrey Shklyaev.

In the village multi-million dollar mansion of Merkushkin son - Alexey (Minister of state programs and the Deputy Chairman of Mordovia Government, he also owns large stakes in a number of enterprises of Mordovia and commercial and office real estate in the center of Saransk) adjoins houses of Alexey's business partners - Andrey Shklyaev (the former rector of RGTEU) and Alexander Muraviev (the former Deputy of the State Assembly of Mordovia), as well as the Minister of Construction in the Samara region Alexey Grishin.

The real estate of the Construction Minister in the Samara region the FBK estimated at 360 million rubles, the Merkushkin son's house - 264 million rubles. The real estate of the business partner is modest - about 120 million rubles.


Photo: The mansion of the Minister of Construction in the Samara region Grishin (right) with its tennis court looks like a palace.

Meanwhile, according to the data from the Samara region, since 2012, when Nikolay Merkushkin was appointed Governor, the region became impoverished and subsidized. It was blossomed corruption and misappropriation of public funds. During 2014 the Audit Chamber revealed violations at 16.5 billion rubles. And in 2015, the external debt of the Samara region amounted to more than 56 billion rubles.






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