Chemezov whose minor child declared $250k income denies having $77.7mn apartment

Chemezov whose minor child declared $250k income denies having $77.7mn apartment
Sergey Chemezov

The Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) conducted an investigation, during which the Rostech head’s apartment near the Kremlin with an area of 1434 square meters was discovered.

Rostech Head Sergey Chemezov answered reporters’ questions about his property after an investigation by Alexey Navalny. According to him, the cost of his Moscow apartment is not even close to the “ridiculous 5 billion rubles,” as it was estimated in the investigation.

“If someone is willing to pay me 5 billion, I’m ready to give them the keys to the apartment and say ‘give me the money,’” Chemezov laughed it off. In general, he called the investigation into his real estate a speculation. “I take it easy,” the Rostech head said when asked about his attitude in relation to Navalny’s investigation. At the same time, in all modesty, Chemezov called himself a rich person: “I lead a successful company, and I have a good salary.” He then noted that he did not practice a pretentious lifestyle. 

“I do not stuff money. I don’t have boats or planes,” Chemezov said. He also pointed out that he was content with what he had: “I have a nice big house where we live with our family. We have a big apartment... I’m not going to build palaces, nor do I have such need.”

According to opposition leader Navalny and his team, a suite with an area of 1434 sqm located in the Moskva hotel on Okhotny Ryad near Red Square is registered in the name of Chemezov’s wife.

The political activist does not deny that these premises are listed as non-residential, but FBK considered it an apartment and estimated it at 5 billion rubles ($77.7mn).

In 2018, Chemezov’s declaration indicated income of 332 million rubles ($5.1mn), which is 70% more than last year’s 193.5 million rubles ($3mn). His wife earned 181 million rubles ($2.8mn) in 2018. The most interesting thing in their family declaration is that the income the Rostech head's minor child amounted to 16 million rubles ($250k). Chemezov has 4 land plots with an area of about 70 thousand sqm, 3 residential buildings, an apartment, and commercial premises.

He also has an impressive ‘official’ fleet, including a GAZ-13 Chaika, a Zaporozhets ZAZ-965A, a GAZ 69 E-68, a ZIL-410470 and a Lada Ellada electric car, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and a boat. Chemezov’s spouse also loves cars and owns a Volga GAZ M21, a Mitsubishi L200, a Mercedes Benz GL500, and a Land Rover.



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